Meet T.E.D.D.: Weapon of Mass Distraction

By Tom Murphy

Foxfury Lighting Solutions, which specializes in portable LED headlamps, flashlights, shield lights and more, has now introduced T.E.D.D.—Tactical Electronic Distraction Device. It is a light grenade—a reusable substitute for a flashbang grenade. A light grenade is a tactical light that is thrown in dark environments to both confuse a perceived threat and provide illumination over 360 degrees. T.E.D.D. is designed to mimic a flashbang without causing injuries. Its 2,600 lumen LEDs are bright enough to confuse without causing injury. Its 120dB whistle aids in causing confusion.

A distraction device can be used in certain circumstances such as hostage rescue, riots, barricades and high-risk warrant situations. T.E.D.D.’s side casing is high temperature polycarbonate attached to a steel base with a heavy nylon top cover. It can be thrown through windows, dropped three stories onto concrete, submerged to 10 feet, stepped on and driven over by a Mazda (Yes, I did! Not on purpose—I swear).

The rechargeable battery has a 60-minute continuous operation cycle and can be recharged in 1.5 hours. The battery is good for 500 charges. The included DC charger attaches to a charging port on the metal base.

Using T.E.D.D.

To operate, press the On-Ready-Off switch once. A green light will let you know that the unit is ready. To deploy, press the switch again, and the green light will start to blink. Now would be a good time to give T.E.D.D. a toss. To deactivate, press the switch once more; the green light goes off.

To program light and sound, the On-Ready-Off switch must be in Off mode. The programming switch is located next to the On-Ready-Off switch. Programming must be set within four seconds:

One press—light and sound (10 seconds on, 15 seconds off, repeats)
Two presses—sound only
Three presses—light only
Four presses—turbo strobe and sound
Five presses—turbo strobe only
Six presses—two seconds on strobe and sound, six seconds off, repeats
Seven presses—safety lock

The activation delay can be changed by using the same programing switch; however, the unit must be in Ready mode with the green light on:
Press once—two seconds delay
Press twice—four seconds delay
Press three times—seven seconds delay
Press four times—10 seconds delay


Light: 2,600 lumen LED: 360 degrees horizontally, 110 degrees vertically
Sound: 120dB @ 3ft
Submersible: 10ft
Shock resistant
Seven programmable light and sound modes
Four programmable activation delays
On-Ready-Off switch
For more information about Foxfury, see foxfury.com

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N7 (August 2018)
and was posted online on June 22, 2018


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