NFATCA Report: V22N7

By Jeffrey Folloder

Questions & Answers

Another Knob Creek shoot is in the books, and the NFATCA is heading to Dallas, Texas for the NRA Annual Meeting. We make the effort to attend many events so that we can perform one of our most crucial tasks as a service organization: membership outreach. There is always a steady stream of questions to be answered. Many of the questions are ones that we have heard many times before and quite regularly throughout the years. Others present a new twist on an old inquiry, and a few are genuinely new or novel. Perhaps it is time to review the common things we hear and point folks toward trusted resources?

A gentleman sidles up to our tables at The Creek and offers a furtive glance to the left and to the right. In hushed tones he begins to regale us with the story of how he discovered a Maxim suppressor at a garage sale in his hometown last summer. The gentleman confirms that he is a “fully legit” licensed 07/SOT manufacturer who plays by all the rules. He wants to know how he can go about registering his garage sale find. “You cannot.” “But I’m an 07! All I need to do is mark it with my information and file the Form 2.” We’ve gone through this ballet repeatedly over the years and have to explain that what he has is contraband. It was legal back in the day. It could have been registered during the one and only NFA amnesty. But now it is just contraband as an unregistered NFA item. You simply cannot register the unregisterable. Whether it is a Maxim can, an unregistered H&R Handy Gun or that bring-back machine gun in Grandpa’s attic, we must sadly refer the inquirer to the dictum: You cannot register the unregisterable.

“I broke up with my girlfriend. She told the cops that I was a bad guy, and now there is a domestic order on me. ATF came by and says I need to give up all of my guns. I’m an FFL!” This is where...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N7 (August 2018)
and was posted online on June 22, 2018


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