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By Chris A. Choat

New Sightmark Invisible Flashlight

Combined with any night vision riflescope or monocular, the Sightmark Infrared Illuminator acts as an invisible flashlight during night vision use. Great for indoor and outdoor use, where there is low ambient light, such as during a SWAT raid in a dark warehouse or varmint hunting out on a moonless night, the IR illuminator can illuminate the target without detection. Operable with two AAA batteries, the Sightmark Infrared Illuminator offers two power options, a low output at 70 miliwatts and a high output at 100 miliwatts for a more powerful and brighter experience. Featuring a battery life of 20 hours, the Infrared Illuminator also has an adjustable beam focus to widen or narrow the stream of light. The adjustable beam focus is perfect for not only user preference, but for adapting to long and short ranges and indoor/outdoor use. For closer ranges or indoor use, where short distance target acquisition is more important, the wider beam will cover a field of view. For close range, focus beam on high power for maximum distance. The design of the IR flashlight is great for handheld use and the location of the on/off switch makes it easy to operate with the thumb. The Infrared Illuminator comes with a standard one-inch weaver mount that fits most AR15s and average rifles and also comes with nylon carrying case for easy carry and storage. Sightmark manufactures award-winning products that include riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, rangefinders, flashlights, boresights, and other shooting accessories inspired by advanced military and law enforcement technology. For more information please contact Sightmark, 2201 Heritage Parkway, Mansfield, TX 76063. Phone: (817) 394-1628. On line at www.sightmark.com.

Streamlight Introduces Sidewinder Compact II

Streamlight, Inc. has just introduced the hands-free Sidewinder Compact II, an ultra-compact tactical light that delivers multiple functions from four LED light colors, intensity levels, and strobe. The versatile new light also can operate from a single CR123 lithium, AA Alkaline, or AA Lithium battery, giving users the flexibility to use the most readily available or preferred battery source. The Sidewinder Compact II has been engineered to meet a variety of hands-free lighting needs with various color LEDs that can be operated at varying outputs and run times. So small that it fits in the palm of a hand, the light can be quickly attached to MOLLE gear, a belt, or helmet for hands-free use by means of a durable belt or clothing clip with integral helmet mount features. Featuring a 185-degree tilting body, the light can be rotated frontward to aid in navigation or backward for signaling purposes. Providing four lighting modes and a strobe in a single light, the Sidewinder Compact II boasts a white C4 LED that is impervious to shock and offers a 50,000-hour lifetime. The C4 LED offers 55 lumens and 1,175 candela peak beam intensity when using lithium batteries, and 47 lumens and 1,000 candelas when using alkaline batteries. The new light also includes: a 5-millimeter infrared LED that provides 25mW/sr of radiant intensity; a 5-millimeter red LED that offers 1.5 lumens on the high setting and a 5-millimeter blue LED providing 1.8 lumens on high. Each of the lighting modes provides four intensity levels and a strobe mode that operates at 100% intensity. The light's compound On-Off mode selector switch ergonomically separates the On-Off, dimming, strobe, and LED-selection functions. A rubber dome actuator and four-position pull-to-turn locking rotary selector knob with an infrared tactile indicator offers easy operation, even with heavy gloves, and prevents accidental mode changes. The light also features an unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating. The Sidewinder Compact II measures 3 inches in length and weighs a mere 2.4 ounces with the single included CR123A lithium battery. It features a high-impact, super-tough nylon case, which offers exceptional durability and weather resistance. With O-ring and gasket-sealed openings, the light features an IPX7-rated design and is waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes. The Sidewinder Compact II helmet system includes the light, helmet mount, elastic head strap, and a CR123A lithium battery. It has an MSRP of $128. Please contact Streamlight, Inc., 30 Eagleville Road, Eagleville, PA 19403. Phone: (610) 631-0600. Fax: (610) 631-0712. Website: www.streamlight.com.

New Precision Stock Attachment from Battleline Industries

The Stock Attachment Precision Rifle or S.A.P.R. (pronounced “Sapper”) was developed by Battleline Industries as a lightweight attachment for the current LMT SOPMOD M4 stock utilized by SOCOM. Weighing in at just 17.5 oz, the S.A.P.R. balances the weight of the rifle and gives the operator the flexibility to adjust their rifle stock to enhance their marksmanship skill set and personal fit. This makes for delivering precision rifle fire easier from an M4 carbine or other weapon platform that utilizes an AR-15 style carbine stock/buffer tube adapter. The S.A.P.R. cheek piece elevates vertically for proper eye height and relief when using scoped optics and has an adjustable shoulder pad section that moves vertically and rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning and comfort. A key feature of the S.A.P.R. is the proprietary cheek piece that rotates 90 degrees left or right for an AR/M4 based weapons platform where the user has the stock fully collapsed while using body armor and needs to perform an immediate action because of a stoppage, allowing free movement of the charging handle regardless of the cheek piece height. The cheek piece can then be rotated back into its original position without any shift or loss of initial adjustment. In addition to this feature, the operator can rotate the cheek piece out of the way if the primary optic goes down which allows the user to get a lower “cheek weld” to use the back-up iron sights on the weapon system. The S.A.P.R. is proudly made 100% in the USA and is compatible with weapon systems with the correct AR-15 carbine stock / buffer tube adapter and LMT SOPMOD stock. For more information contact Battleline Industries, Inc., 1900 West Bates Avenue, Englewood, CO 80110. Phone: (303) 917-8231. Website: www.battlelineindustries.com.

Vortex Announces Razor Red Dot Sight

The new Vortex Razor Red Dot is a reflex-style sight for shooters who demand the absolute very best in construction, performance, durability and versatility. The daylight-bright red dot is easy to find and paint targets no matter the lighting conditions or background. Truly at home on an AR, pistol, shotgun or offset-mounted along side your primary magnified optic, the compact Razor ensures rapid, accurate, target acquisition - every time. The highly-polished glass is clear and crisp edge-to-edge. Couple exceptional resolution with its wide field of view and you get a sight picture sure to impress. Lenses are fully multicoated with premium coatings including ArmorTek, an ultra-hard scratch-resistant coating that protects exterior lens surfaces and are parallax free with unlimited eye relief. On/Off and dot brightness controls are shielded from incidental activation and easy to access. Unit includes a mount to accommodate common firearms and applications. Several accessory mounts are available to marry the sight with specific firearms. The sight is hard-anodized with a matte-black finish and has a sight cover that protects the unit during transport and storage. It is also waterproof, fog proof and shockproof and runs on a common CR 2032 battery. You can choose from 3-MOA and 6-MOA-diameter dot models. Contact Vortex Optics, 2120 West Greenview Drive, Suite 4, Middleton, WI 53562. Phone: (608) 662-1088. Fax: (608) 662-7454. Website: www.vortexoptics.com.

ATI Offers Strikeforce Elite Package for AK-47

Advanced Technology International (ATI), the leading manufacturer in gun stocks and firearm accessories, announces the AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Package with Scorpion Recoil System. The AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Package is a six position collapsible stock with aluminum upgraded, ventilated handguards and adjustable cheekrest. The AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Package has a redesigned slim line rear aluminum receiver mount and a six position collapsible stock. With the Scorpion Recoil System, users can shoot any load without pain being transferred to the shooter from the firearm. The Scorpion Recoil System features a Scorpion Razorback buttpad that is non-slip and removable with an ergonomic Sure-Grip texture Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip. The Scorpion Recoil System reduces the challenge of reacquiring the target by minimizing the muzzle lift. The AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Package is not affected by chemicals and remains flexible in extreme temperatures. It also removes limitations from spring and piston type recoil suppression systems.

The AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Package is constructed with Military Type III Anodized, 6061 T6 aluminum and has one four-inch Picatinny rail, two two-inch Picatinny rails, one two-inch Picatinny rail with swivel stud, a six position commercial buffer tube and an aluminum receiver mount. Each AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Ultimate Professional Stock Package features an ergonomic texture with ventilated upper and lower handguards, blank inserts for when rails are not in use, a 3M industrial grade self-adhesive soft touch cheekrest pad, removable/adjustable cheekrest (3/8"), slot for tactical sling attachment, three sling swivel studs and DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer. This Strikeforce Package includes a steel castle nut, steel locking ring, steel T-Nut and steel pistol grip bolts. Each AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Ultimate Professional Stock Package is manufactured in the USA and fits most stamped AK receivers. Please note this stock will not fit milled receivers. The stock, handguards and pistol grip count towards compliance parts. For more information contact Advanced Technology International, 2733 West Carmen Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53209. Phone: (414) 464-4870. Fax: (414) 664-3112. Website: www.atigunstocks.com.

JP Enterprises Debuts New Silent Capture Spring for AR’s

JP Enterprises, a constant innovator of AR components and complete rifles for over 20 years, has developed a reputation for scrutinizing every component of the AR platform in order to maximize its potential, from the original JP Recoil Eliminator to last year's introduction of the revolutionary PSC-11 dual-charging upper assembly. For 2012, JP continues this tradition with the debut of the new Silent Captured Spring System (pat. pend.) for both large- and small-frame ARs. This self-contained spring/buffer assembly unit completely eliminates the ARs ever-present "wood rasp" sound generated by the scraping of coarse Mil-Spec springs in the extension tube each time the rifle is cycled. With the JP Silent Captured Spring, each cycling of the action is silent and smooth with no residual twang or vibration during live fire. Even in rough extension tubes, the JPSCS yields superb results since the spring runs on a rod guide similar to 1911 rod guide system and therefore never contacts the tube. The quest for the smoothest, quietest AR has been an active pursuit of JP Enterprises' engineers for nearly a decade. Beginning with years of highly critical review of buffer tube manufacturers with an eye towards the interior finish quality, JP finally introduced their own line of centerless-ground and precision-polished custom buffer springs in 2010, which made the crisp sound of a JP action all but unmistakable. The final culmination of this quest, the JP Silent Captured Spring System is available in two models for either large- or small-frame rifles with an optional spacer for compatibility with both full-length and carbine operating systems. The JPSCS unit can also be easily disassembled to allow for precision tuning of the operating spring with substitute spring kits in a variety of rates coming soon from JP. For more information or to place an order contact JP Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 378, Hugo, MN 55038. Phone: (651) 426-9196. Fax: (651) 426-2472. Website: www.jprifles.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review SAW (April 2012)
and was posted online on March 2, 2012


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