NFATCA Report: The NFATCA Workout For 2010
By John Brown

It seems like just yesterday that we met with the entire executive team from ATF at the SHOT Show for an early morning breakfast. We were all extremely excited to see not only Deputy Director Kenneth Melson, Billy Hoover, Audrey Stucko and Teresa Ficaretta attending that meeting, but the guest list included nearly fifteen ATF representatives who were anxious to get started on a new calendar year with an entire list of new things that we all wanted to work on. Our purpose in that meeting was to lay out the plans between the industry and the Bureau for what appears to be an exciting year.

I remember thinking how great it was that we were all sitting at the same table laying out a joint agenda for ourselves for the entire year. Not only were we looking at organizing a host of events for this year but were working over a dozen issues together to better improve the process of working as a team. In 2009 we began the process of working specific issues with subject matter experts from both ATF and the industry. We are happy to report a working team is the answer to us developing an even closer relationship and working industry issues to everyone’s best interests.

Shortly after SHOT, we began multiple projects for the year in an effort to lay out each and every effort that we are undertaking in 2010. So it’s time to share that agenda that is well underway. The following list is a brief on all of the issues that we will work in 2010. It is important to note however that just because we are working the issue doesn’t necessarily mean that we will get our way with everything that we want. The one thing that I do know is that the NFATCA has made a valiant effort to solicit the input and the assistance of some of our most valued sister organizations such as the F.A.I.R. Trade Group and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and the NRA. Together we will work the agenda to the best of our abilities.

  1. We will work this year to come to closure on eliminating the CLEO signature on transfers and make certain that appropriate checks are made on corporate entity and trust transfers to insure they are lawfully executed.
  2. We are working to eliminate the Citizenship Compliance form (5330.20) and potentially adding this level of compliance to the Form 4 check boxes on the back of the Form 4.
  3. We are working on lifting the current restrictions on the requirements for post sample machine guns and acquiring multiples, e.g. agency trades where multiple post samples are available for trade.
  4. We will be working closely with the Firearms Technology Branch to finally resolve clarifying the issues surrounding which side plate of the Maxim machine gun is the registered portion of this particular weapons system.
  5. We will be working this year to capture and clarify all of the issues surrounding the AR-15/M16 family of rifles. This process will focus on all of things that owners can or cannot do with a title one or an NFA weapons platform.
  6. We will be working on the development of the questionnaire for the SBS/SBR issues. These discussions include removing articles from the NFRTR by removing the associated features on rifles, shotguns, and handguns and their classifications.
  7. In 2010 we will be working with ATF to establish the capability of using credit cards on Form 4 transfers similar to the process currently used in licensing.
  8. We will be working diligently this year on the definition of small arms ammunition. NSSF and the NRA have been working closely with the NFATCA on this issue. In light of the regulations in the Safe Explosives Act, this activity is crucial to interpretation and the consequent enforcement regulations.
  9. We will be leading the charge this year in working with ATF to better understand the definition of Manufacturing and the implications as it relates to industry operations.
  10. We will be working the many issues surrounding the multiple levels of interpretations on marking variances and the requirements at every level of manufacturing.
  11. We will be working to establish a comprehensive working team to include appropriate personnel from both the government and the industry to tackle the tough issues surrounding the definition of manufacturing in the firearms industry.
  12. We will be developing a working relationship with ATF and the NFATCA to coordinate all events in 2010. This will include all of the normal shooting events and the major shows that are conducted throughout the United States.
  13. We will complete this year the first version of the Firearms Technology Branch Handbook to better enlighten the industry on how this branch of ATF operates within the entire industry.
  14. And last, but certainly not least, we will be working many issues surrounding the suppressor world from marking issues to many of the issues surrounding how this NFA product is managed by ATF and the industry.

All in all this is a mighty big undertaking for those of you that understand what we do for the industry. As our relationship with ATF continues to grow, we work harder to have the appropriate place at the table to protect all of our interests in the NFA world. Our successes to date have assured that the relationship with ATF is one of not only one of trust but a true partnership in working together in the interest of public safety. This obviously proves to be an exciting year for both the industry and ATF.

If you are still one of those people that are saying, “What have you done for me lately?” don’t miss the boat any longer; come join the only organization in the country that is watching over every single NFA issue possible: and all of this energy, just for you, the NFA owner.

Come join the NFATCA today by visiting us at www.nfatca.org.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V13N8 (May 2010)
and was posted online on April 6, 2012


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