Shot Show 2013 Preview: Day Two
Text & Photos By Chris A. Choat

Small Arms Review's very own Chris Choat is at Show Show 2013 this week in Las Vegas, Nevada! Every day Chris will be updating us all on the interesting products he runs into at the show.

Today's update focuses on products from HK, Sig Sauer, Surefire, Arsenal Firearms, and IWI US, Inc.

Be sure to come back to the site tomorrow for more exciting developments from the show!

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Sig Sauer has just introduced their new MPX submachine gun. There will be 3 select- fire models; the MPX-K (4.5" barrel), the standard MPX (6.5" barrel) and the integrally suppressed MPX-SD. The semi-auto models include the MPX-P (pistol) and the MPX-C (carbine). These new guns can be caliber converted to 9mm, .357 Sig or .40 S&W via a quick change barrel system. All the guns feature a Picatinny rail along the top as well as an aluminum railed handguard along with AR-style fire controls. The carbine version features a 9.5" permanently attached muzzle brake which when covered with Sigs NFA restricted tube becomes a supprressed version. Accessories include retractable or folding stocks and 10, 20 and 30 rounds magazines.

Heckler & Koch has just released their new MG4E Light Machine Gun which was on display at their booth. Two versions will be available the MG4 E (18 " barrel) and the MG4 KE (14.5" barrel). These 5.56 X 45mm belt-fed guns are H&Ks were developed as ultra-reliable, lightweight, compact machine guns capable of high volume fire which being able to be depoloyed by a single soldier. The guns full-auto only guns naturally feature quick-change barrels and will be available in either black or flat dark earth.

Surefire was on hand with a complete line of brand new lighting systems. They hane long been known for their high quality hand-held and weapon mounted lights. Now they have a new light that is worn and includes a built-in Luminox wristwatch. The 2211 Luminox Wristlight automatically aligns with your handgun when using a normal two-handed firing grip. The Wristlight also includes low-output light settings for close work, a fuel gauge battery meter and a micro USB port for simple recharging.

For those who always think that more is better, a company called Arsenal Firearms has brought to market a new handgun called the AF2011-A1 double barreled 1911 style .45 pistol. The gun resembles two 1911s welded together will one gun being a right hand gun and the other a left handed gun. The gun uses 2 standard 1911 sytle magazines that are connected by a machined baseplate allowing them to be inserted and removed as one unit. The gun fires bother barrel with every pull of the trigger. The can can be ordered in either .45 ACP or .38 Super or with each "half" a different caliber.

IWI US, Inc. is now producing the new US manufactured Tavor. The Tavor is a bullpup rifle which fires the 5.56 NATO round but is also caliber convertable to 5.45 X 39 as well as 9mm. The Tavor uses a long stroke piston gas system, is fully ambidextrous, has a full length top rail with built-in folding sights and will come in either tan or black. Watch this site or the pages of Small Arms Review and Small Arms Defense Journal in the coming weeks as we bring you a complete test and evaluation of this exciting new firearm.