Breaking News: Act Now on the NFA Trust and CLEO Signature retention issues!
By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Act Now on the NFA Trust and CLEO Signature retention issues!

Part of the effort in trying to defeat the NPRM that the White House is trying to steamroll us with is to make sure that they hear all of us loud and clear in the official comments required by law. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US MUST CLICK THE COMMENT BUTTON ON THIS LINK AND CLEARLY COMMUNICATE OUR OPPOSITION TO THIS NPRM. When you are done submitting your comment, make sure that your family, your friends, your employees... have all done the same.!docketDetail;D=ATF-2013-0001

Here are some simple, brief text ideas to use in opposition:

I support the elimination, entirely, of the unnecessary CLEO signature requirements . I do not support ANY of the initiatives proposed in this NPRM and believe that they will burden an already overloaded ATF bureau and not do anything to serve the public interest or safety. This entire proposal should be scrapped.

This continuation of the antiquated, outdated CLEO Signature unduly burdens local Law Enforcement with unnecessary paperwork, cost and responsibility. If the intention is to verify that the applicant is indeed the person signing the form, and it’s the applicant in the photo, any Notary Public could accomplish that. This is an undue burden and unnecessary cost forced on already over-extended local police departments. I oppose the antique and useless local LE signature when such simple solutions are available.