SHOT Show 2014: Day 2

By Chris A. Choat

Small Arms Review's very own Chris Choat is at SHOT Show 2014 this week in Las Vegas, Nevada! Every day Chris will be updating us all on the interesting products he runs into at the show.

Today's update focuses on Day 2 at the SHOT Show. Vendors range from Barrett Firearms, Crye Precision, Glock, Armalite and more.

Be sure to come back to the site tomorrow for more exciting developments from the show!

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Barrett Firearms ( introduced their new .50 caliber suppressor named the QDL. The new suppressor attaches and detaches in just seconds mounting to their new matching QDL flash hider/muzzle brake. The new suppressor is made from carbon steel and is advertised as offering a 25to 28 dB sound reduction. The new unit will retail at $2900.00 plus another $440.00 for flash hider/muzzle brake mount.

Crye Precision ( has a new rotary magazine fed bullpup 12 gauge shotgun. The new gun called the SIX 12 is double action using the trigger to both index the 6-shot rotary magazine as well as cock the hammer and fire it. It is chambered for 3 inch shells with an aluminum receiver and carbon fiber nylon furniture.

The SIX 12 features a removable stock and top picatinny rail which allows the gun to be mounted on the bottom rail of a quad rail carbine forearm. The gun will be available with 12.5, 18 or 22 inch barrels.

Glock is now producing their long awaited pocket sized .380 ACP pistol, the Glock 42. This compact carry pistol has the same feel and all the same controls as all of the larger Glock handguns.

Armalite ( now has a little brother to their AR-30A1 .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua rifles. It’s called the AR-31 and is chambered .308 Winchester. The gun is a short action version of the AR30 A1 and also accepts the Armalite double stack magazines. You can now have a highly accurate bolt-action that will accept up to 25- round magazines.

FLIR now has a thermal imaging rifle scope that is priced well below almost anything else out there. The new ThermoSight R-Series has multiple resolution and lens options and offers up to 16X magnification. The sight has three reticle settings, six different detection palettes including their exclusive InstAlert, which displays the hottest temperatures in red so you can detect animals, people and other warm objects more easily.

Radom Fabryka Broni is a Polish company that is producing some of the finest AK variants made. They produce the “Archer” series rifles in both 5.56 as well as 5.45 X 39 calibers and they are now producing .22 LR versions of the guns as well. The .22 LR Archer and Mini Archer are every bit as well built as the centerfire guns and feature folding and collapsing stocks, Picatinny rails for optic mounting, railed firearms and are fed from 30-round magazines. Rumor has it that we may well see these here in the US before long.

MagPul was on hand with several new products to add to their already extensive existing line of products. Probably one of the most talked about at the show was their new PMAG 30 for the AK series rifles. The new 30-round magazine was designed from the ground up for the 7.62 X 39 round and features solid steel reinforcements for true military grade durability. The magazine is shown in this photo in a tricked out Micro Galil.

Thompson Machine was exhibiting for the first time at this years show. They had several new items including a shorty version of their Sixteen suppressor, a titanium version of their Thirty suppressor and a new short barreled 9mm AR upper designed to be used with their 9mm ISIS 2 suppressor.

Elite Survival Systems has a new load carrying vest called the MVP (Modular Vest Panel) system. The MVP features interchangeable panels to fit any mission. The user can chose from prearranged panel assemblies or can select individual panels to create a truly customized vest.