SAR Issue V22N10

New Review: V22N10 - By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Ninety & Still in a Class of His Own - By Robert G. Segel

Shoulder Holster Reboot - By Todd Burgreen

Non-Lethal Training Ammo - By Dean Roxby

Swiss Engineered: A*B Arms MOD*X GEN III Rifle™ System Offers Flexibility and Ease - By Tom Murphy

BLOOP! Spike’s Tactical Thumper M79, 37mm Flare Launcher - By Frank Iannamico

Spirit Guard - By Oleg Volk

Sledgehammer: Sol Invictus Arms Takes on the Legendary AA-12 Full- and Semi-Auto Shotgun - By Tara Dixon Engel

The Springfield Armory National Historic Site (Part I) - By Frank Iannamico

The Rifleman Who Went to War (Part II) - By Terry Edwards

A Machine Without Error—The Evolution of the AK - By Lynndon Schooler

The Marlin Gun - By Frank Iannamico

Machine Gun Memorabilia: V22N10 - By Robert G. Segel

Guns of the Silver Screen: V22N10 - By Kyle Shea

Legally Armed: V22N10 - By Johanna Reeves, Esq.

NFATCA Report: V22N10 - By Jeffrey Folloder