SAR Issue V23N2

New Review: V23N2 - By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

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The Last Thompson - By Frank Iannamico

WWII Grease Guns: How GM Helped GIs - By Frank Iannamico

Tangent Theta: The Best Military-Grade Scope Manufacturer You’ve Never Heard of - By Dickson Ly

SIG SAUER Academy Mid-Range Carbine Course - By Miles Vining

How Will You Use Your Kel-Tec PMR-30? - By Todd Burgreen

Helping Veterans Learn to Shoot Again - By Rick Cicero

An Insider’s Peek at The Rock Island Auction Company - By Frank Iannamico

The Last of the Dragunovs - By Vladimir Onokoy

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The British Janson E.M.2 Automatic Rifle - By Jonathan Ferguson (ARES)

Book Review: V23N2 - By Dean Roxby

Machine Gun Memorabilia: V23N2 - By Robert G. Segel

Guns of the Silver Screen: V23N2 - By Kyle Shea

Legally Armed: V23N2 - By Johanna Reeves, Esq.

The SAR Crossword Puzzle - By Caroline M. Schloss MA

NFATCA Report: V23N2 - By Jeffrey Folloder