Prvi Partizan
By Dan Shea

Prvi Partizan is considered one of the best quality ammunition manufacturers in the world; they have a long history of making military small arms ammunition as well as sporting ammunition. US shooters will probably recognize the Hansen brand of ammunition, the US marketing name for Prvi Partisan manufactured sporting rounds. The Prvi Partizan factory in Uzice (Uzit-se), Yugoslavia was started in 1928 as a follow through on the Kragujevac and other Yugoslav ammunition factories. There are currently 1,100 employees at the plant, making ammunition as well as tools, machines, and medical equipment. SAR was greeted by Dobrosav Andric, the General Manager, and he offered a factory tour. There will be more on the current military offerings of Prvi Partizan and our technical tests in a future issue of Small Arms Review. As a teaser, we thought it appropriate to show some of the unusual ammunition that we found in the Prvi Partizan reference collection. Mihailo Topalovic, the Technical Manager of Prvi Partizan, is an SAR reader and he took considerable time with us going over the technical aspects of the modern production. Mihailo was kind enough to show us some of the historical ammunition specimens he has been keeping in the engineering section, and it seemed that these would be of great interest to our readers. Prvi Partizan Milosa Obrenevica 2 31000 Uzice, Serbia Tel: +381-31-563-442 Email: ppnp@eunet.yu Website: www.prvipartizan.com

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V8N12 (September 2005)
and was posted online on April 19, 2013


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