New Review: January 2006
By Chris choat


WRB, Inc. has introduced a new product that will indeed be of interest to HK 51 owners. With several companies now producing an HK 51 rifle and possibly an HK 51 pistol, this new case is sure to be a hit. The new case is called the Covert Submachine Gun Case (Model CSMGC). This well padded case is made from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon both inside and out and features a heavy duty #9 YKK zipper with padded zipper shield to protect the firearm from nicks and scratches from the zipper. The case also has a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap with a comfort pad. There is also a zippered clear vinyl pouch on the outside of the case (great for paperwork). Some of the best features are on the inside. There are five internal magazine pouches with Velcro flaps to keep the mags captive. The case can be ordered with 9mm, .223 or .308 sized magazine pouches so it can be ordered for several different weapons. Also, the new case features a fully adjustable internal tie-down system that can be customized to any weapon. There is also a center padded, removable leaf divider that separates the magazine pouches from the weapon. The Covert Submachine Gun Case is 10 inches high and 3 inches thick and can be ordered in overall lengths of 18, 22, 24, 26 and 28 inches. It comes in black, woodland camouflage, olive drab, navy, green and red and carries a full lifetime guarantee. For more information on this as well as a full line of other cases, holsters, range bags and accessories, please contact them at WRB, Inc., Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 5539, Gun Barrel City, TX 75147-5012. Phone/Fax: (903) 887-2899. Their website is www.wrbss.com.


DPMS asks the question, “Why use a front sight that only serves as a front sight when you can have a front sight that provides additional accessory mounting options?” The new front sight from DPMS does just that, by adding three additional rails to the standard front sight body. These three new rails, located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions have been machined into the investment cast 4140 steel front sight body and feature four slots per rail. This new front sight also features a machined sling loop located in the rear support leg of the sight. Retaining the same height as the standard A2 front sight, this manganese phosphate finished sight is held to the barrel with two taper pins. Sporting a .750 diameter barrel opening, this new front sight from DPMS will fit standard heavy barreled rifles (5.56x45mm), AP4 Carbine models as well as the LR-308T, the 16-inch heavy barreled .308 caliber rifle from DPMS. The 3-Rail Front Sight from DPMS is available now and retails for $99.95. For more information, please contact DPMS, Inc., Dept. SAR, 3312 12th Street SE, St. Cloud, MN 56304. Phone: (320) 258-4448. Fax: (320) 258-4449. Their website is www.dpmsinc.com.


Now it’s easy to keep firearms, knives and outdoor gear rust-free and at peak performance. Sentry Solutions’ Field-Ops Kit gives rust protection, lubrication and knife sharpening in one handy kit. The Sentry Solutions’ kit contains combat proven Tuf-Cloth gun wipe and Tuf-Glide dry lubricant packaged in a cloth pouch with a Gatco Micro X Ceramic Four Rod sharpener and other cleaning tools. Tuf-Cloth is the long-lasting, silk soft, lint-free alternative for oil and silicone rags. Simply wiping any metallic surface with Tuf-Cloth provides a fast-drying, water-displacing micro-bonded barrier against rust, friction and wear. This waterproof shield does not attract dirt and it doesn’t leave a slippery film like silicone products. Tuf-Glide is the partner for Tuf-Cloth that lubricates and protects hard-to-reach areas of equipment and gear. It is a powerful dry-film lubricant and rust inhibitor in a quick-drying mineral spirits carrier. The carrier transfers the active lubricants to the micro-pores in any metal surface. It delivers cleaning action then evaporates, promoting the bonding of the active ingredients to the metal. This dry barrier shield outperforms oils by more than fourteen times in any weather and at any temperature. The dry shield will not attract dirt and resists firing residue. Sentry Solutions’ oil-free lubricants give bonded, non-toxic protection that are combat proven in the War on Terror. More than 50,000 troops rely on the dry lubrication Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide delivers. The Gatcos24’s Micro X Ceramic Sharpener is the industry’s leading compact sharpener for knives, and serrated-edged tools. The sharpening rods (two fine and two medium) are interchangeable and replaceable. The built-in angle guide makes sharpening to a razor-edge easy for anyone. For more information on this product, please contact Sentry Solutions, Ltd., Dept. SAR, 33 South Commercial Street, Suite 401, Manchester, NH 03101. Phone: (603) 626-8888. Fax: (603) 546-8049. They can be found on the web at www.sentrysolutions.com.


Tag Industries now has a new Ambidextrous Single Point (ASP) Tactical Sling available. The new sling was designed to incorporate every positive feature that was suggested by end users and solve every negative issue relating to existing single point sling design. TAG Industries found that during their research that most single point slings were not as simple as the operator would prefer. Therefore, their first objective was “Keep It Simple.” This was accomplished by stripping the new sling to its most basic components and building on functionality. The ASP Sling comes preassembled, with only two possible configurations - right or left handed. There is no assembly required, no instructions necessary; which means you are up and running as soon as you open the package. They also wanted a durable designed sling. Most single point slings use 1.5 inch flat nylon webbing. This was an artifact from the weight distributing properties necessary in conventional 3-pont sling design. Since weight distribution is not a concern with single point sling design, the width of the ASP sling was reduced to 1 inch. Tubular webbing was substituted for flat webbing to insure durability. The break strength of tubular webbing far surpasses that of flat webbing by 4,000 pounds. Furthermore, tubular webbing has a much higher abrasion resistance and will not stretch when exposed to moisture. The use of tubular webbing also makes the sling “faster” as it is more pliable and has an extremely slick surface. The new sling also incorporates a tri-loop as a connecting point between the start and end points of the wrap-around sling. This allows the sling to lay flat against the user’s torso. There is no bunching or twisting of the webbing like many of the other single point slings on the market today. The ASP is available in black, olive drab and desert tan. Two different weapon attachments are available: the H&K type snap hook and the accessory stub which works well on the existing slot on the M4 collapsible type stocks. For more information on the new ASP Tactical Sling, please contact TAG Industries, Dept. SAR, 5283 Stone Ave., Portage, IN 46368. Phone: (219) 762-5424. Their web address is www.jtrusty.com.


A new company, VisuaLock of Fremont, CA, has introduced a remarkable new firearms security system. The new device allows instant determination that a firearm has been rendered inoperable by both sight and touch. A live round cannot be chambered with a VisuaLock in place. There are VisuaLock devices available to accommodate revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns. Easy and quick to install or remove; a VisuaLock is virtually impossible to overcome. The security cartridge or shell is solid brass. The red outer security rod is made from heat treated 303 stainless steel with a powder coating that will not damage or mar barrels or the crowning. The inner security rod is made from 12L14 hardened steel. Rifles and shotgun versions have nylon spacers along the inner rod to further protect barrels and crowns. The VisuaLock is guaranteed for life. For more information, please contact them at VisuaLock, Dept. SAR, 48881 Kato Road, Tremont, CA 94539. Phone: (800) 903-1417. They can be located on the web at www.visualock.com.


Barret Arms, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Arma-Coat Firearm Finish as the newest in technology available in the firearms finishing industry. It is a very versatile coating which can be applied to a broad range of firearms, optics, parts and accessories. Arma-Coat can be applied over metal alloys, stainless steel, synthetics, plastic and wood with no high temperature baking required. Arma-Coat is a user friendly product for both professional and do-it-yourself gunsmiths, which can be applied using any HVLP, automotive spray guns, airbrushes or Barret’s own starter kits. The product comes in a variety of earth tone colors to choose from, which compliment any style of camouflage finish the user desires. It comes in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and 1 gallon sizes. The new finish offers the best versatility, durability and user friendly characteristics that surpass all other firearm finishes in the industry. Barret Arms, Inc. offers firearm finishing services as well. They will also be offering camouflage templates in the near future. For more information, contact them at Barret Arms, Inc., Dept. SAR, 9747 106th Street, Suite 603, Edmonton, AB Canada T5K 1B4. Phone: (780) 429-2636. Their website is www.armacoat.net.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V9N4 (January 2006)
and was posted online on February 22, 2013


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