New Review: May 2013
By Chris A. Choat

New 45-Round Magazine For the Ruger 10/22 From HC Mags

HC Mags has just introduced a new high capacity magazine for the Ruger 10/22 series of rifles and Charger 10/22 pistols. The new magazines hold a whopping total of 45 rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition on board with the added benefit of being able to reload the magazine via a stripper clip type device they call the “Rib-Clip.” The magazine is called the HC3R (HC Rapid Rifle Reload) and comes with two of the rib-clips. The rib-clip actually becomes part of the fully loaded magazine. The HC3R is made from a high impact formulated composite resin body with stainless steel feed lips. The body is made from two halves that are held together with stainless steel fasteners so the magazine can be taken apart and cleaned unlike other magazines that have plastic, glued-together bodies. The mag also features a thumb assist that is attached to the follower to allow for easy, single round loading. The new magazine is the same size as other magazines that only hold 30 rounds. The HC3R accomplishes this by holding 25 rounds in a single stack in the center of the mag and another 20 rounds in an ammo pocket on the left side of the mag. These loose rounds are held in place by the installed rib-clip. To load the HC3R you simply drop 20 rounds into the ammo pocket on the side of the magazine, pull the thumb assist down to the bottom and turn it 1/4 turn to lock the follower in the down position. You then drop 20 more rounds into the rib-clip and lock it into place from the back of the mag body. The follower is released and is allowed to push the original 20 rounds up to the feed lips. Then 5 more rounds can be hand loaded into the magazine. After the first 25 rounds are fired, just unsnap the rib clip, which is now empty, and slide it over the loose rounds in the side ammopocket just like loading a stripper clip. The rib-clip is then locked into the mag body, the follower unlocked and you have another 20 rounds ready to be fired. Additional rib-clips can be purchased and stored pre-loaded in you pocket or pack. The description sounds a lot more complicated than it really is and this is a very high quality magazine. In testing, this editor also used the magazine in a registered full-auto 10/22 and it worked flawlessly at a cyclic rate of over 1,400 rounds per minute. For more information please contact HC Mags, P.O. Box 11178, Anchorage, Alaska 99511. Phone: (877) 244-9578. Fax: (877) 249-0229. Website: www.hcmags.com.

Kel-Tec Announces New Flashlight

Kel-Tec CNC, Inc., known for bringing innovative and unique firearms to the market, is pleased to introduce their latest product, the Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight. The Kel-Tec CL-43 is an extremely bright flashlight designed to be used in conjunction with a firearm. The CL-43 is CNC machined from extruded 6061 aluminum. The light operates via a rearward-click button located midpoint of the flashlight with both constant and momentary-on capabilities. The exterior features their patented nonslip pattern common with their other firearms. Surfaces are either hard-coat anodized or Cerakoted. Five colors are available: Tactical: black, OD green and desert tan and Safety: orange and yellow. Unique features of the CL-43 include: superior ergonomics due to the forward facing push button switch, a small size which can be enclosed by one hand and operated in parallel with a handgun and extreme light power rated at 420 lumens with an optimum beam angle. The CL-43 operates on three CR123 Lithium batteries and features a Cree XP-G LED. Its weight with batteries is 107 g (3.8oz), and size is 24x38x102 mm (.94x1.5x4"). (Height x width x length). The switch is operated like the trigger on a gun, pointing the light as an extension of your arm. Compared to a light mounted to a pistol, the CL-43 has a much superior range, and also keeps the ability to hold the light off the line of sight to conceal your position. The small size of the CL-43 makes it possible to hold and operate parallel with a handgun without impairing a conventional two handed hold. If required, and with some training, the light can be operated one-handed together with the gun. With the addition of a separate attachment, the CL-43 can also be mounted to a Mil-Spec Picatinny rail. An integrated belt clip and lanyard ring add to the versatility of the system. With a separate adaptor, standard AA batteries can be utilized, however, at an increase in length of the system. The new CL-43 light has an MSRP of $140. For more information please contact Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc, P.O. Box 23600, Cocoa, FL 32923. Phone: (321) 631-0068. Fax: (321) 631-1169. On the web they can be found at www.keltecweapons.com.

CrossBreed Offers Appendix Carry Holster

CrossBreed Holsters is pleased to introduce the all-new IWB Appendix Carry Holster. The Appendix Carry is designed for popular small to medium firearms with all of the attributes of the market-changing SuperTuck and MiniTuck. It features the premium leather backer in Cowhide or Horsehide and CrossBreed's hand-molded pocket for a perfect fit, ensuring the Appendix Carry is the answer for anyone who wants to carry a firearm in the two o'clock position. The Appendix Carry holster comes with one standard metal belt clip. It can be adjusted for wearing in the cross draw position and is adjustable for ride height. As with all of their products, the IWB Appendix Carry comes with their "Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee" and a Lifetime Warranty. The MSRP for the IWB Appendix Carry Holster is $62.50. For more information or to place an order contact them at Crossbreed Holsters, LLC, 224 N. Main, Republic, MO 65738. Phone: (888) 732-5011. Website: www.crossbreedholsters.com.

Burris New Eliminator II and III LaserScopes

Burris is pleased to announce that the much anticipated Eliminator II and Eliminator III LaserScopes are now being shipped to dealers across the country. The new 3.5x-10x-50 Eliminator LaserScope, which was introduced in August, started shipping in October. The new family of Eliminator LaserScopes offers shooters a broader choice and variety of options that take the guesswork out of long-distance shooting. From the very basic necessities of the 3.5x-10x-40mm Eliminator with a .3 MOA dot; to the remotely activated 4x-12x-42mm Eliminator II with a 999-yard range at any magnification; to the top-of-the-line 4x-16x-50mm Eliminator III with its new X96 windage-compensation reticle, remote ranging at any magnification out to 1,200 yards, sleek new design and enhanced extreme-range ballistic programming, Burris has a LaserScope that will dramatically increase confidence and accuracy in the field. The suggested retail prices of the 3.5x-10x-40mm Eliminator, the 4x-12x-42mm Eliminator II and the 4x-16x-50mm Eliminator III are $799, $999 and $1,499, respectively. For more information you can contact them at Burris Company, 331 East 8thh Street, Greeley, CO 80631. Phone: (970) 356-8702. Their website is www.burrisoptics.com.

Arsenal, Inc., Introduces 106U SR-R Pistol With Scope Rail

Arsenal, Inc. introduces the all-Bulgarian SLR-106UR pistol in 5.56x45mm NATO. The SLR-106UR pistol is manufactured entirely at Arsenal's factory in Kazanlak, Bulgaria using components specifically engineered for accuracy and reliability in a short-barrel configuration. The SLR-106UR pistol includes many features not found on any similar 5.56mm pistol, and is as close to a semiautomatic AKS-74U (or 'Krinkov') as American shooters may possess without ATFE approval. Features include; a factory-installed scope rail allows mounting of optics and accessories, a short gas system designed for 100% reliability with a 10.5-inch cold hammer-forged barrel with hard-chrome plated bore and chamber. It also has a hinged dust cover with close-range and 500 meter rear sight settings as well as a replica muzzle device that is pressed and pinned to the front sight block for AK-74SU appearance. The gun also has high-quality polymer furniture which includes an ergonomic SAW pistol grip and a heat-shielded lower handguard for shooting comfort. The new pistol has a spring-loaded firing pin for increased safety with Boxer-primed ammunition; a 90 degree rear sling swivel prevents twisting or tangling of the sling and also has an AKS-74U-style rear block for conversion to SBR configuration (all NFA rules apply). Whether fired as a pistol or converted to a registered short-barreled rifle, Arsenal's SLR-106UR pistol delivers unmatched quality and unique features in a firearm that will provide many years of accurate and reliable service. The gun comes with 1-five round magazine and accepts all Mil-Spec 5.56mm AK magazines. The 106U SLR-R has an MSRP: $909. For more information contact them at Arsenal, Inc., 3395 S. Jones Blvd #331, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Phone: (702) 643-2220. Fax: (702) 643-8860. Website: www.arsenalinc.com.

New Rapid Load Ammunition Mounts

There is now a new mounting system for any weapon that mounts using a MK64 or MK93 type carriage/cradle. The new mount is called the Rapid Load Ammunition Mount and is available from JFT Assets. The Rapid Load Ammunition Mounts are made from 3/16 A-36 steel, with a self contained spring latch and with hardened 5/8 pin (same mounting face as the currently used 40mm universal ammunition mount). The JFT mount uses 4140 hardened tool steel mounting pegs, slightly larger diameter, which are tapped to thread into the threaded mounting plate, with backup nut, which makes the mounting pegs easily replaceable. The face plate mounting bolt is a grade 8 hardened 3/8 bolt threaded in from the back, which is also easily replaceable, with a hardened oversized nut for easy hand tightening. The V4 and V5 have a 45 degree top bevel for easy ammo box loading. The V5 has a separate mounting face plate that utilizes 5 contact points instead of the normal 3, which allows for better weight distribution but still allows the mount to be relocated for the M2 .50cal, or the MK 19 grenade launcher. The newest model, the Rapid Load Short .50, has hardened hinges; with hardened 3/8 square pin slam latches, for fast and easy access. Both doors are also easily removable for cleaning and the doors have been tested by cycling them between 1,300 and 1,400 times each without a malfunction. All versions come with HDPE plastic wear plates that are easily replaceable, and if completely removed will still function properly. The Rapid Load Short 50 also is available with an adapter plate and longer latch release pin to accommodate two .30 caliber ammunition cans for use with the M240. The mounting pegs, bolts, and nuts, can also be threaded for metric sizes, to accommodate foreign applications. The face plate can be modified to fit other weapons’ mounts at an additional cost, and time for redesigning. For more information please contact JFT Assets at (254) 721-4802 or on the web at www.jftassets.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review SAW (May 2013)
and was posted online on April 12, 2013


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