New Review: June 2003

By Chris A. Choat


The parkerized Springfield Loaded Operator features an integral standardized MIL-STD-1913 rail forged into the pistol frame, accepting today’s popular tactical, laser or illuminating devices. In addition, it is fitted with Novak(tm) Tritium low-mount combat sights. The new “Loaded Operator” 1911A1 from Springfield Armory is a light rail frame, full-size 1911 with many features usually found on many higher priced custom pistols. Other features of the “Loaded Operator” include two 7-round magazines, forged frame and slide, hammer-forged barrel, ambidextrous thumb safety, high-hand beavertail grip safety, cocobolo grips and a lightweight adjustable speed trigger. For more information contact Springfield, Inc., Dept. SAR, 420 West Main Street, Geneseo, IL 61254. Phone: 1-309-944-5631. They are on the web at www.springfieldarmory.com.


Winchester Ammunition is adding a 9mm 147-grain jacketed hollow point round to their popular USA Brand Pistol Ammunition line. The new load has a muzzle velocity of 990 fps with muzzle energy of 320 ft/lbs. It compliments other JHP loads already in the Winchester line. The new load will come packed in 50-round boxes. Like other loads in the line, the brass cases in these loads are completely reloadable. The symbol number for the new load is USA9JHP2. In addition, Winchester Ammunition will be adding a 9mm Luger 115-grain FMC Value Pack to the popular USA Brand Pistol Ammunition line. The new packaging will feature a 100-round value pack. The symbol number for the new 9mm value pack is USA9MMVP. Also, Winchester Ammunition is now offering three popular USA Brand 223 Remington Loads in 50-round value packs. The three popular loads have been in the Winchester line and include a 45-grain jacketed hollow point bullet, a 55-grain full metal jacket bullet, and a 55-grain pointed soft point bullet. The 45-grain JHP load is a popular varmint load and has a muzzle velocity of 3,600 fps. Both 55-grain loads have a muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps. The 55-grain FMJ load is an excellent choice for the cost-conscious shooter who enjoys shooting at targets. The PSP 55-grain load is a good choice for larger varmints and predators. The 50-round packs are a perfect choice for the avid shooter or varmint hunter. For more information contact Winchester/Olin Corp., Dept. SAR, 427 North Shamrock Street, East Alton, IL 62024. Phone: 1-618-258-3340. The website is www.winchester.com.


Laser Devices Inc., a leading provider of laser aiming devices and tactical flashlights to law enforcement and military agencies, has introduced the BA-6™, a next-generation laser aiming device for HK and Walther handguns. The BA-6, an upgrade to the popular BA-5, features a quick-release slide-on design that allows the handgun to be carried in a standard security holster and quickly attached to the pistol in seconds when needed. The BA-6, waterproof to 20 meters, fits a variety of pistols including the HK USP, USP Compact, HK 2000 and Walther P99. A red low battery indicator light in the rear of the unit provides the user with 15 minutes of notice that the batteries need to be replaced while a yellow activation indicator light notifies the user that the unit is active. This is an important feature for professional users using an Infrared tip-off filter or an IR laser module with night vision equipment. Installation tools are not required, as the BA-6 does not modify the handgun. In addition, LDI has integrated a windage and elevation tool into the body of the BA-6 for fast field alignment while improved switch placement allows additional clearance between the trigger and the switch, making it easy to activate the laser from outside the trigger guard. The effectiveness of a handgun can be improved with the addition of LDI’s waterproof TL-2 tactical light. The TL-2’s focusable beam can temporarily blind or disorient an assailant. A 3- or 6-volt (rated at a blinding 95 lumens) TL-2 light can be quickly attached to a factory installed optional accessory rail located on the bottom of the BA-6. Both laser and tactical flashlight are manufactured from 6061T-6 aircraft aluminum and are hard black anodized to MIL-SPEC for rugged durability. The BA-6 laser, which retails at approximately $387.00, is supplied with a Super Power Point™ (635nM) diode and an optional Infrared diode (835nM) is available to law enforcement and military units using night vision equipment for covert and low light operations. For more information contact Laser Devices, Inc., Dept. SAR, 2 Harris Court, A-4, Monterey, CA 93940. Phone: 1-831-373-0701. Fax: 1-831-373-0903. On the web at www.laserdevices.com.


IOR Bucuresti, in Bucharest, Romania, makes BW Optic Scopes. IOR has a long affiliation with Carl Zeiss, Leica or Leitz, and Hensoldt, which makes the military line of Zeiss Optics in Europe. IOR is one of the oldest optical companies around, and has over 1000 employees in three or more facilities in Bucharest. They use only the finest German glass, from Schott Glasswerk, and feature the Carl Zeiss T-3 lens coating system on all optical lenses. These are the best in the world. The light transmission, clarity anti-reflective performance and brightness are second to none. They are also heavy-duty in the extreme. The new Y-Tac reticle is designed for optimum low-light performance as well as speed. In appearance, it resembles the “GI” wings and post front sight that has been used on US military rifles since before World War II. The aiming post is 0.9 MOA., or 0.9 inches wide at 100 yards and 1.8 inches at 200 yards. The reticle is set fir the Mil-System at 10X on the variable scopes. The reticle is based on the World War II post and crosshair reticle, but features a short 1/4 Mil X 1 Mil tall post (easily seen in poor light) surrounded by wings on both sides. This provides a “floating” front sight, if you will, in the center of the scope. The main feature of the wings is that they provide a range-finding gauge by the distance between the points and the corners, being designed to fit outside the shoulder width of a B-27 target, a distance of 21.6 inches or 6 Mils at 100 yards. The Y-Tac reticle is photo engraved on the glass with no wires to break. For law enforcement use, the ranging ability and speed of this reticle make it the logical choice. With a 100-yard zero using an M16A2 with 62-grain bullet, the projectile will strike at the top of the post at 100 yards, and impact 1.1 Mil lower (1/10 of a Mil below the post) at 300 yards. Therefore the post itself will take out targets from 100 to 300 yards just by using the top of bottom edge of the post. For more information of these extraordinary scopes contact BW Optic, Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 355. Simpsonville, SC 29681. Phone: 1-864-297-4137. Fax: 1-864-458-8325.


AO Sight Systems has now introduced their extremely popular tritium sights for several H&K firearms. AO Sight Systems for H&K UMP/UCS/G-36/SL-8 provide extremely fast sight acquisition and are easily installed. The Big Dot Tritium or the Standard Dot Tritium front sight is mated with a large 0.300-inch diameter rear Ghost-Ring for ultra-fast low light target acquisition. The “Same Plane” rear aperture flips from the 0.300-inch to a 0.230-inch diameter Ghost Ring for more precise alignment. The models for the H&K 91, 93 and MP5 get a windage/elevation adjustable rear sight with a fast-acquisition Big Dot Tritium, Standard Dot Tritium or White Stripe Post (which feature a vertical white stripe but no tritium). The rear sight is available with 0.230-inch and 0.191-inch apertures. For more information on these, as well as a full line of tritium sights to fit most any firearm, contact AO Sight Systems, Dept. SAR, 2401 Ludelle Street, Fort Worth, TX 76105. Phone: 1-817-536-0136. Fax; 1-800-734-7939. They are on the web at www.aosights.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V6N9 (June 2003)
and was posted online on November 8, 2013


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