by Dan Shea

SARCON 2011 Canceled

Unfortunately, we did not receive enough pre-registrations to warrant having the 2011 SAR Convention here in Las Vegas this September. We've refunded all the Conventioneers who signed up, and will consider having another convention when the economy is stronger. We want to thank all of those who did sign up, and in case you had booked your tickets and were still coming out to Vegas that weekend, we'll be happy to invite you to a small private shoot, barbecue, and tour of LMO at no charge. It seems that many of the people planning to attend had to put off their decision until July or August, and we simply can't wait any longer without committing to large overhead fees. We want to bring you the best experience possible, and that may have to wait until 2012 or later if the economy isn't back up and running.
In this issue, we bring you the continuing view into the amazing story of Colonel Jarrett and build-up to how he has influenced generations of the "Gun Culture" through his museum, Aberdeen, his wartime accomplishments, turning the tide in North Africa with his collector's knowledge, and the trickle down effect of everything he did for us today. There are two more installments in this story in future issues so don't miss them. I am particularly struck by how much of a gun-guy's fantasy life he led. From the piles of interesting firearms and militaria he acquired at a very young age, to how his knowledge was so useful in defeating The Desert Fox himself and driving the Nazi's back across the North African Desert. Sort of a "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" fantasy story.
Well, Colonel Jarrett really did that, in his version and day. It's a great story. We have some more like it to bring to you, as well as some upcoming Interviews with noted author and Tai-Pan Thomas B. Nelson, Jonathan Arthur Ciener himself, and Donald G. Thomas of MAC fame. -Dan

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V14N12 (September 2011)
and was posted online on November 1, 2011


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