Press Release: Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Training in Mexico

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

DLX deployment experts trained with the Cruz Rojas (Red Cross) in Mexico City before their deployment to hurricane Odile on Mexcio's Baja peninsula.

At Deployed Logix (DLX), we are breaking new ground with kits designed and priced for smaller teams of responders to get deployed and get in the action fast. One of the ways we do that is by offering expert training for any size team on our equipment. Whether training in our shop in Eugene, Oregon, or internationally around the world, DLX stands by our products and our promise to make emergency deployment lighter, faster, easier and more accessible.

DLX deployment experts trained with the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in Mexico City earlier this month before their deployment to hurricane Odile on Mexico's Baja California peninsula. Cruz Roja members trained on the use of a variety of DLX™ gear, including the ASAP® Response Kit, AW100 Portable Field Toilet Kit, and Power Logix™ PX800 solar battery and light kits.

After making landfall as a major hurricane, Odile brought widespread damage; killing a total of 15 people and causing nearly $1billion in damages. At one point, at least 92% of the state's population were left without electricity throughout Baja California Sur and all flights in and out of the peninsula were cancelled.

The Cruz Roja supplied experts in damage assessment and pre-hospital care as well as support shelters and food.

The Cruz Roja recently purchased ASAP® Response Kits, outfitted with off-grid power and light and decon solutions, as part of their ongoing overall preparation plans for the region. DLX™ products meet the mission requirements of the Cruz Roja with fast, simple deployment, kit completeness, and our outstanding training and support.

Tramedic™ Trauma Kit

Tramedic™ Trauma Kits provide instant access to a wide array of simple, life-saving tools for any responder.

Individually designed and packed subkits with simple, visual instructions make this product intuitive and effective.

When you open a Tramedic™ kit, you will find top quality life-saving devices that are simple and effective in buying time for critically injured people. Like a tourniquet used by soldiers to stop severe bleeding, bandages to cover serious cuts and dressings to treat someone that is badly burned - truly life saving devices that can easily be used with minimal instructions.

For us, Less is More. Less time setting up means more time and energy to help those in need. Less weight and bulk means more deployment options (such as towing by ATVs) than ever before. Less cost means more small teams can get the equipment they desperately need to be more effective without applying for large grants and coordinating storage and maintenance.

We pride ourselves on listening to feedback and making real improvements to our products, as well as relying on our 30 years of combined response industry experience. We're opening up the world of response shelters to everyone, and we'd love for you to be a part of it. Please browse our site, submit a quote online, or call us directly at 855-463-3756. 541-357-5978.



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