By Chris A. Choat

Well another year has rolled by and in spite of the political agenda that seems to spill out of Washington D.C. the firearms industry continues to flourish and grow.   In fact, this event used to be called Media Day at Range bu this year the name was changed to SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range.  Manufacturers use this day to introduce their latest and greatest wares to the media.  This is a hands-on approach with other writers and media types actually getting to try out all of the new guns, ammunition, optics and accessories.   Here are just a few of the newest items introduced.  Come back to our website everyday as we cover the Show.

SilencerCo was there shoeing their latest of their integrally suppressed 9mm pistol.  This pistol is a revolutionary design with some parts being 3D printed.  The pistol uses Glock magazines and its trigger looks as though it mimics a Glock style trigger.  While still in the development stage SilencerCo told this author that it will be available by either 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.  The guns suppressor will make even the hottest 9mm ammunition hearing safe and is very quiet with subsonic ammunition.  This author got a chance to shoot their new Osprey Micro.22 Suppressed.  The small suppressor is full-auto rated and features the same design elements as their Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor in that it is designed with modules that can be added or removed.  This allows the suppressor to be shortened down to as small as 3.1 inches which is still very quiet when subsonic ammunition is used.  www.silencerco.com.

IWI US picked the day to introduce their new shortened version of their Tavor rifle called the X95.  The rifle a reduced length and will be available in 5.56, 300 Blackout and 9mm.  They also are now offering the standard Tavor in 300 Blackout.  www.iwi.us.

Century Arms International was on hand with their new Red Army Standard C39v2 SBR 7.62 X 39 rifle.  This short barreled rifle is available in either a stamped or a milled receiver model.  It has concentric lefty hand 14X1 muzzle threads so that a suppressor can be mounted without worrying about poor quality AK threads that might cause a baffle strike.  The guns sports MagPul accessories including a Zhukov-S stock, MOE AK pistol grip, Zhukov handguard and 30-round AK Pmag.  www.centuryarms.com.

Atomic Ammunition not only was introducing some new ammunition to their subsonic line they provided ammunition to several firearm manufacturers to demo their guns with, They are now offering their subsonic line of ammunition in .223, 300 Blackout, .308 for rifles as well as 9mm and .45 ACP for pistols.  www.atomicammo.com.

Honor Defense introduced their new Honor Guard sub-compact 9mm pistol that is loaded with features.  The guns has a polymer frame with custom texture for a very secure grip as well as added control.  It’s completely ambidextrous with magazine release and slide lock on both sides.  It also has interchangeable backstraps and come with two.  The gun has a 7 pound trigger pull with a very short reset.  It comes with 2 magazines a seven-round and a slightly longer 8-round with finger hook.  The gun weighs just 22 ounces with an empty magazine making it ideal for concealed carry.  It also comes in a model that has a stand-off on the front of the frame.  The stand-off reduces the chance of the slide being retracted, making it inoperable at extremely close or contact distances.  Watch for a complete review of the Honor Guard in a future issue of SAR.  www.honordefense.com.

Hartman Ltd., is new and innovative optics manufacture based in Israel.  They have a new sight called MH1 the is loaded with great features.  The MH1 is a MIL-STD red dot sight.  It has the largest field of view of any optic of its type.  It has a waterproof USB port for recharging its built-in battery but also runs on CR123 batteries for back-up.  It has angled activations buttons so that magnifiers or night vision optics can be mounted close to its rear.  It has 5 night vision intensities and 5 for daytime use.  A IR remote with a push-to-turn-on lets the new sight be mounted anywhere on the host weapon.  The sight has an adjustable timed sleep mode to shut off the reticle when the weapon is not moved.  If the weapon is shouldered or moved on any axis the sight automatically turns on at its last intensity.  There are two reticles built-in and they are not visible from the target side.  www.hartman-il.com.

This article first appeared in SmallArmsReview.com on January 19, 2016


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