Press Release: Ultra-Nasty 7.62x39 AK Round!

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

For Immediate Release

Serious Stopping Ammo in 7.62x39mm

Winder, GA, March, 2016. G2 Research announces a specialized new 7.62x39 mm AK/SKS round for hunting and self-defense use. The G2 Research 7.62x39 Ripout Round is engineered to deliver serious penetration and produce a huge temporary and permanent wound even at the lower velocities inherent of this round (about 2,270 fps).

G2's 124-grain, pure premium copper bullet expands (or, more accurately, opens up) into three large petals (tridents) of razor-edged copper making a corkscrew-cutting chunk of hot, sharp metal about the diameter of a quarter; big by any account.

According to company spokesman Chris Nix, "The design construction keeps the bullet intact, creating excellent penetration and a massive wound channel, resulting in quick and humane big game kills in this loading. It's very efficient as a bush country hunting round and it is also suppressor-friendly."

Whether it's the humble SKS the popular AK-47 or new model short-throw bolt-action rifles chambered in this popular caliber, if it's low-recoil, accuracy and near-instant game killing performance one wants, the 7.62x39 Ripout Round is at the performance peak.

• Caliber: 7.62x39mm
• Velocity: 2,270 fps
• Bullet: Pure copper 124-grain, CNC machined specialized expansion Spitzer BT
• MSRP: $56.99 box of 20*

G2 Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 526
Winder, Ga

Media Professionals Only
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Shults Media Relations, LLC

*Nothing cheap about G2 Research ammunition, including the price. There are reasons. The cases are highest quality premium brass and the powder and primer are also premium quality. The most expensive component are their CNC-machined and specialty constructed high-performance bullets.

G2 Ammunition is NOT made for killing dirt, pop cans or paper. Shoot the cheap stuff for fun and save the G2 Research ammo for real tasks. Hunters must decide if it's worth a few extra bucks to increase the odds of success for their expensive, time-consuming hunting trip (if they do their part).

For self-defense, it's an even easier choice: Is it worth a few extra bucks to increase your chances of living through a gunfight by quickly stopping your adversary? Thinking cheap about matters of this importance is like putting Chinese economy brand brakes on your Pikes Peak Mountain race car; you have one, right?


10-04-2016 2:17 PM

One hell of a round.


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