Class III as Art

By Robert G. Segel

One would not think to generally correlate the class three world and the art world within the same thought process. But to devotees of the class three world, art within that subject is not that big of a leap. Focusing on a specific inanimate object or subject in an artistic form is a logical extension of expression. Whether trying to capture a moment, an idea or a concept, the artist uses many different mediums to convey their thoughts.

Obviously, automatic weaponry is not a subject matter that would appeal to a wide general audience and as such there is not a lot of material that addresses this topic for the masses except that artwork created for commercial purposes such as posters. While readers of this magazine tend to see graceful lines, proper proportions, ingenious design, skilled craftsmanship and mechanical efficiency, others merely see abhorrent instruments of death. However, that is not to say that the subject is completely ignored. Statues, objects d’art, desk ornaments and paintings have been created over many years using automatic weapons as an integral part of the subject to commemorate service time, battles, personal remembrances and specific activities as well as that art used for commercial messages.

The following photo selections are but a small sample of different art forms, used for different purposes, with a common theme that is of particular interest to those of us who are interested in the subjects they represent. Some have been created in exacting detail while others rely on a concept. Remember that art is subjective and what we consider to be art may be thought of as kitsch by others. Either way the artist, whether professional or amateur, has made a statement and it is up to each individual to interpret the meaning and purpose. But I think it is safe to say that the readers of this magazine can appreciate the artistic efforts of the subjects as represented here.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V2N7 (April 1999)
and was posted online on June 3, 2016


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