Raffica Special: April 1999 - SAR ID Guide to the HK Machine Guns, Part III

By Dan Shea

In this, the third part of the HK ID guide, we are covering the basic semi-automatic variants imported into the United States by HK in Sterling Virginia. In later parts to this series, SAR will cover the clone imports and other manufactured variations of the HK line. SAR would like to thank Jim Schatz of HK Federal Operations for his assistance in this part of the series, and his and HK's help in general. As an aside, the SL8-1, a semi-automatic version of the G36 rifle with a special ten round magazine has just been approved for importation. We were unable to obtain photos before presstime, but SAR will be doing an in-depth report on this.


BBl length 4.5" O/A length 13" Weight 4.4 Lbs mag capacity 15 or 30 rounds. Utilizes the HK recoil operated, delayed roller locked bolt system.

The SP89 is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that is frequently used with a registered HK conversion sear to create an MP5K clone

HK 94

Cal: 9mm x 19 weight: 6.43lbs OA length: 34.59" Bbl length: 16.54"

The two basic buttstocks on the HK semi autos are the fixed stock (A2) (Shown) and retractable stock. HK94 markings are on the top of the receiver, to the front of the sight. The HK94 is a true semi-automatic in that it uses a clip on trigger group. Probably the most desirable of the HK semi's, the HK 94 has been the host gun for many registered sear and registered receiver conversions to the MP5 format (Not by HK, of course). It is the host gun for the clone MP5's, MP5SD's, and pre-SP89 MP5K's.

HK 93

Cal: .223 weight: 7.75lbs OA length: 35.5" Bbl length: 16.13"

The HK93 is the semi-automatic version of the HK33 rifle. This was used as the host rifle for registered HK sear conversions to HK33, HK53, and 53k variants in the US.

HK 770

Cal: .243 or .308 weight: 7.5lbs OA length: 42.8" Bbl length: 19.6"

Manufactured in .243 and .308, this hunting rifle used the HK delayed roller locked bolt system and polygonal rifling. Registered HK sears are not usable in this series.


Cal: .308 weight: 8.37lbs OA length: 39.96" BBl length: 17.71"

The SL7 is the German Army Reserve training rifle. The sights approximate those of the G3 rifle. It has a unique carbine stock and shorter barrel than the HK770.

HK 91

Cal: 7.62x51mm weight: 9.5lbs OA length: 40 1/4" Bbl length: 19"

The HK91 was the flagship of HK rifles- it is the semi-automatic version of the famous G3 rifle. Registered HK sear installations were done to many of these, and it is the host rifle for G3, HK51, and HK 21 conversions in the US.

HK 911

Cal: 7.62x51mm weight: 10.9lbs OA length: 42.5 " Bbl length: 19.7"

This is the original "Thumbhole stock" version of the HK91 rifle. These were HK91's that had the barrel sleeved to get rid of the frightening threads, and a new stock and forend added to bring them into compliance with the 1989 ban on importation of scary "Assault" rifles. The "1" was stamped on to make it "911".


Cal: 7.62x51mm weight: 10.9 lbs OA length: 42.5" Bbl length: 19.7"

The SR9 is the final version of the HK91 "Import friendly" rifle that was imported from 1989 to 1994.


Cal: 7.62 x 51mm OA Length: 45.87" BBl length: 23.62" weight: 14.11 lbs.

The MSG90 Sniper Rifle is one of the finest semi-automatics in the world, but it uses a swing down lower and is considered a machine gun. Standard accessories include the 10x Hensoldt scope, Stanag mount, and a crisp 3 lb trigger pull with adj. Shoe.


The barrel is threaded to accept a flash hider or suppressor. In addition, the A1 has a hooded front night sight and 1200 meter adjustable rear sight. A brass deflector is standard on the A1, just to the rear of the ejection port.The MSG90A1 was originally referred to as the MSG90-DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle).


Cal: 7.62x51mm weight: 17.86lbs OA length: 47 5/6" Bbl length: 25.59"

The PSG1 Sniper Rifle is a highly refined version of the HK91 rifle. It uses a clip on lower so is a true semi-auto in the US.


Cal: 7.62x51mm weight: 10.6 lbs OA length: 42.5" Bbl length: 19.7"

The "import friendly" SR9T is the target version of the SR9 rifle. It utilizes the PSG1 trigger group and the MSG90 buttstock.


Cal: 7.62x51mm weight: 10.9lbs OA length: 42.5" Bbl length: 19.7"

The "import friendly" SR9T-C was the Target / Competitor version of the SR9 rifle. It utilizes the PSG1 trigger group and buttstock.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V2N7 (April 1999)
and was posted online on June 10, 2016


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