New Review: V21N1

By Chris A. Choat


Safariland, a recognized leader in the tactical armor market, has just announced the release of the PROTECH® Tactical Shift 360™ Scalable Plate Rack System as its first platform to encompass the FIRST SPEAR® Tubes™ closure system. Utilizing advanced technologies from industry-leading armor brands, PROTECH Tactical and FIRST SPEAR, the Shift 360 plate rack is a high-speed carrier system representing PROTECH Tactical’s fastest and most dynamic scalable plate rack offering. The system starts as a basic plate rack carrier with the ability to transition into a fully loaded tactical system for a multitude of mission specifications. FIRST SPEAR Tubes modernize the armor carrier closure system, enhancing the ease of donning and doffing the Shift 360 carrier with a quick up or down single hand function. The simple motion for attaching or detaching the system capitalizes on the user’s muscle memory, ideal for stressful or high-speed scenarios. This lightweight closure system ensures the cummerbund is always positioned in the same location, which is vital for proper ballistic coverage and mitigates the risk of misalignment and incorrect attachment. The Shift 360 meets the requirements of patrol and tactical law enforcement officers who need to transition from routine activities to high-threat situations in a matter of seconds. Facing increased occurrences of scenarios evolving into an active shooter, hostage or terrorist situations, law enforcement officers can have confidence that the Shift 360 will outfit them for any situation. The Shift 360 system was put to the test with a variety of law enforcement teams, providing PROTECH Tactical with vital feedback to make it one of the most sought after scalable plate racks on the market. Beyond the FirstSpear technology, the Shift 360 plate rack incorporates other recently updated design elements, which elevate the functionality of the system, such as a cummerbund attachment, ballistics insertions and reinforced support. The Shift 360 AWS is available with all three closure system options – FirstSpear Tubes, single-point Quick-Release and Velcro® closure. For more information, please contact them at www.protechtactical.com.


New to the Black Label line of products from Browning is the Pandemonium Full Auto Knife. This unique modified tanto blade model is made in the U.S.A. and has full auto-assisted opening for rapid blade deployment. The blade on the knife is hollow ground and made from 440 stainless steel. The blade is 3 ½” long, and the knife has an overall length of 7 ¾” when opened. The handle is made of checkered black G-10 scales and has a tactical pocket clip. The Pandemonium Full Auto Knife has a suggested retail $309.99. More information at www.browning.com.


Ideal for quick target acquisition and tactical situations, Firefield’s new Charge AR Lasers are primed and ready to deliver pinpoint accuracy. Firefield Charge AR Lasers are available in four models to best suit your individual needs. Offering a compact and low profile design, the Firefield Charge AR Red Laser Sight (FF25006) and Firefield AR Green Laser (FF25007) feature strong lasers visible out to 300 yards and 600 yards respectively at night. Both lasers use a single CR2 battery, are operable with push button or pressure pad, and offer reliable accuracy via windage and elevation adjustments. Constructed of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and finished in matte black, Charge AR lasers mount perfectly to weaver and Picatinny rails. Taking advantage of the same durable aluminum construction, the Firefield Charge AR Red Laser and Light Combo (FF25008) and Firefield Charge AR Green Laser and Light Combo (FF25009) weigh a mere 3.4 oz., adding value and functionality to rifles without adding much weight. Both laser sights light up surroundings with a bright 180-lumen flashlight. The offset design of the Charge AR Lasers allow the lasers to work with front sight posts and does not block views around the gun. You can reach them at www.fire-field.com.


The new Aimpoint 3X-C Magnifier, which debuted at SHOT Show 2016, is now available from authorized Aimpoint dealers. Designed for the civilian shooter at a budget-friendly price point, the 3X-C can be used in conjunction with all Aimpoint sights for long-range aiming or observation. Additionally, a variable (-2 to +2) dioptic setting allows this magnifier to be adapted to the individual shooter’s eye. The 3X-C can also be used as a handheld 3X monocular. Aimpoint magnifiers utilize the red dot in Aimpoint sights as the aiming reticle, eliminating the need for re-zeroing when shifting between non-magnified and magnified aiming. The 3X-C is encased in a shock absorbing protective rubber cover that also creates an ideal ergonomic grip. Internal optical adjustments make aligning the magnifier and sight quick and easy. The new 3X-C carries a retail price of just $307.00. Their website is www.aimpoint.com.


In an ideal world, you’d never need to use a tactical or home defense shotgun. But in a less-than-ideal world, if you do need to use one, it has to work exactly as it’s supposed to. Failure is not an option. Under those conditions, you want that shotgun equipped with a tactical choke tube from Trulock Choke Tubes. The Trulock Tactical Choke was designed to produce optimum performance with breaching rounds, buckshot, and slugs. This new and innovative design eliminates the need to change muzzle devices when alternating ammunition from breaching rounds to either buckshot or rifled slugs - potentially saving valuable time in any situation that requires the rapid firing of different load types. The Trulock Tactical Choke has a crenulated muzzle so that it can be used as a standoff tool with a positive grip. That allows breaching loads to be fired safely and effectively by holding the standoff directly on a door hinge or lock. The design reduces the chance of slipping off the target and vents gas from the blast at the same time. It makes the breaching process faster and safer. Internally, the Trulock Tactical Choke is more than just a breaching tool. The new design is constructed to produce improved downrange performance and accuracy for buckshot or rifled slug applications. To find out more about Trulock Choke Tubes, visit their website at www.trulockchokes.com.


The new Lyman Auto-Advance Target System is a revolutionary design, offering shooters the ability to change targets at up to 200 yards with the press of a button! No more walking downrange to replace targets, or waiting for cease-fires! The Auto-Advance Target System is battery operated, so there is no need for wires and power outlets, plus it disassembles easily for transportation back and forth to the range. The Auto-Advance Target System has steel protection plates that are rated for use with all rimfire calibers. The Auto-Advance Target System comes with a roll of standard bullseye targets. Additional 50-foot target rolls are available with bullseye, animal and silhouette designs. Price for the Auto Advance Remote Controlled System is $229.95, and additional target rolls are $19.98. You can contact them at 1(860)-632-2020, or see their whole line up at www.LymanPRoducts.com

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V21N1 (January 2017)
and was posted online on November 18, 2016


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