NFATCA Report: V21N2

By Jeffrey Folloder

I write this article in November 2016, just after the “surprise” election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States. However, you are reading this as the March edition of Small Arms Review magazine. We are a few weeks into Trump’s presidency, and I am sure that expectations are running high. I share those expectations because it is highly possible that the Second Amendment community, in general, and the NFA community, in particular, may gain a more respected seat at the table of legislation and regulation. Expectations, though, must be tempered with the reality of political expediency. And now is the time to start applying effort to the foundation-building work that needs to be done in a coordinated and orchestrated effort of the entire community. Now is not the time to pour gasoline on the fire of extremists with unrealistic expectations.

The NFATCA would gladly support the repeal of 18 USC §922(o), the so-called Hughes amendment. Contrary to Internet myth and lore, there is no good old boys club trying to protect the value of collections. Abolishing Hughes, through whatever means, would be good for the entire NFA community and would put more lawful weapons in more hands. Some common weapons would take a modest value hit. But the overall market would surge, and that would be good for everyone. However, is it realistic to think that our Congress, with its thin Republican majority, is willing to risk its limited political coin on a relatively small constituency in order to bring §922(o) repeal to Trump’s desk?

The NFATCA gladly supports the Herculean efforts shouldered by the American Suppressor Association in shepherding the Hearing Safety Act (HSA) through the Congressional gauntlet. It is a fantastic start to addressing a real need in our community. It is an example of how the effort begins and gives insight into how much effort is needed to gain victory. Many self-appointed Internet heroes began dousing the fire of progress the day after the election. Those same folks are likely continuing their efforts to deride the HSA while propping up their own agendas. The HSA, whether it succeeds now or later, provides a bona fide road map for success—first for suppressors and then for other weapons that should not be so severely regulated. The NFATCA will continue to offer its public support and appreciation for the American Suppressor Association’s efforts, and we ask you to do the same.

The NFATCA encourages support for a Presidential action that enables what is already the law of the land: amnesty registration and bringing more lawful weapons into the light of day, making more weapons available for lawful sale and transfer. President Trump: Tell your new Attorney General to make it happen! There are certainly obstacles in the path of this effort, though. And there are questions as to exactly what another amnesty registration could look like. However, these obstacles and scenarios are already known quantities and could be professionally dealt with through the concerted efforts of those with the skill and experience to make it happen. The NFATCA is already on that path. Please join us as a new member or renew your membership today at www.nfatca.org.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V21N2 (March 2017)
and was posted online on January 27, 2017


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