The Fabsports MaCov: Hi-Tech Magazine Armor

By J.M. Ramos

Just when we thought everything has already been explored and marketed when it comes to ideas on how to make the famous Ruger 1022 even better in terms of versatility, performance and good looks, there is always someone that comes along with a pleasant surprise. Not until the entry of such big names in the Canadian gun manufacturing industry in the likes of Para-Ordnance, North Eastern Arms, Dlask Arms and others, its not often we hear about a sensational gun related invention in Canada by small time operators. That does not mean average Canucks has not created any, its just many of these small time talents just simply did not have the means or know-how to promote or finance their wares to a more competitive level in the big league. One such talent in the name of Fabrice Nevue the founder and owner of Fabsports in Montreal, Quebec is a prime example that is worth the attention.

Fabsports business is a solely focused on general mechandising of gun related accessories and tactical outfits as well as survival equipments. For a short time, the company imported the now defunct RB Precision Evolution 1022 tactical chassis in very limited numbers then tried to secure distributorship for the more modern Nordic AR22 when it first hit the market years back but failed the volume requirement imposed by Nordic due to limited financial resources. Fabrice was only able to import two samples of the AR22 chassis and is believe the only two that exist in the country with the exception of the SR22 version used on the Ruger production guns. It was from this set back that promted this Canadian interprenuer to explore other venues utilizing his own talent and expertise in CAD and CNC programming that leads him to design and create his own aluminum dress up kits for the 1022 for the Canadian market to include the M122 Thompson and the FS 556 based on the famed SIG assault rifle receiver platform. These kits are only made in very limited numbers and destined to be collector items.

Just very recently, Fabrice introduce another of his 1022 related innovation - the MACOV (magazine cover) system for various after market 25-shot Ruger 1022 banana type magazines made by Butler Creek, Tactical Innovation, Black Dog Machine and Pro-Mag. At this point, there is no doubt the 1022 is the most technically refined rimfire self-loader in existence in terms of mechanics and good looks. While many of these after-market dress up kits are well made and quite authentic to the full bore weapon they emulates, the skinny type magazines simply lacks the profile necessary to maximize its facimily to the real thing, with the exception of the Pro-Mag G36 style polymer dress up kit called Archangel Nomad utilizing a standard 25-shot banana type enclosed by a full profile external housing. Full profile magazine for the 1022 is gaining popularity with another company coming out with their own version called BattleDyne also a 25-shot with a 10-shot version.

Unfortunately, both the Pro-Mag and Battledyne magazines only exhibit mediocre reliability and very finicky with certain type of ammunition that must be used just to try to make it work. The Pro-Mag has a wire spring sticking out of the feed lips that is suppose to prevent jams but most of the time contribute more to jams that actually preventing it- definitely needs more refining. The BattleDyne on the hand, although well made comes short in the reliability department due primarily to dimensional problem in its upper section that encloses the steel section. The design of the feed lips is less than perfect in its cartridge release point that ocassionally causes stovepipe made worse by the undersize upper section that encloses the steel lips that is narrower than the factory made magazine. This dimensional flaw causes the BattleDyne to move side to side freely greatly affecting the overall performance and reliability of the device.

In designing his magazine accessory, Fabrice had chosen the Butler Creek 25-shot banana type magazine as its primary platform due primarily for its reliability and quality as compared to other similar devices in its class, but mostly primarily because to date, Butler Creek has already produced millions of them - something Fabrice had hope cashing in to reward the amount of work and effort he had put into his new innovation. Indeed, the MaCov system is quite unique, very well made and extremely attractive. The two-piece clamshell design is made of indestructible type polymer material same as those ones used in many high end full bore polymer magazine like Magpul, in fact even the exterior design has Magpul styling truly maximizing the bold exterior aesthetics of the accessory.

The beauty and versatility of the MaCov system did not stop from looks alone but also improved the overall reliability of the magazine itself by eliminating the unnesssesary fore-and-aft and side to side movement with any stock used (wood, polymer or alumimum chassis) by simply adjusting the MaCov upward (with the magazine on the gun) before tightening the screws until there is bare minimum play (gap) between the underside of the stock and the magazine cover itself. Tactical Innovation incorporated four adjustment screws to prevent movements of the magazine that affects the feeding cycle of the magazine. The Macov system accomplished this task in a much simpler solution without the use of adjustment screws that must be set right in order to work properly.

The MaCov was tailored to fit the Butler Creek, Black Dog and Pro-Mag 25-shot banana type magazines, however; Tactical Innovation will require a rubber spacer (supplied with the kit) being narrower (side to side) as compared to the dimension of the other 3 brands. The MaCov is retained in place by 9 sturdy screws that clamps tightly unto the magazine body. Its width is comparable to a Magpul .308 AR magazine allowing it to be compatible to a .308 magazine pouch used in Magpul magazine. In summing it all up, The Fabsports MaCov is truly an outstanding magazine accessory for the 1022 for a total tactical upgrade in both aesthetics and improved reliability. The MaCov can be purchase directly from Fabsports. (www.fabsports.ca)

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V21N3 (April 2017)
and was posted online on February 17, 2017


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