SITREP: May 1998

By Dan Shea

Born in the ash and flame of one of those inexplicable cleansing fires that painfully occurs from time to time, SAR had a ninety-day launching platform. We had thirty days to learn the mechanics of scan and layout. We improvised, overcame, and adapted. With the exception of the January Ice Storm incident, SAR has hit the presses on time each month. We could blame El Nino for that one delay.

In this, our eighth issue of the Small Arms Review, we are starting to come into our own. SAR is starting to look and feel like the magazine we have wanted to do- the balance of articles seem to please most of the readers who call in. Advertisers are piling on- evident more each issue. Distribution is falling into place. Our exposure in the gun community is getting better every day.

I am personally very happy with where the magazine is right now- because I know that it is getting better each issue. I can see the issues that are in our future. We presently have over 65 writers preparing to submit articles on such diverse issues as Vickers guns and Sniper rifles from Finland. The Identification Guides are being planned to include the semi automatic “Assault rifles”. Our legal writers are on the cutting edge- keeping us all informed of the newest developments. We are inside the world’s museums as well as the newest ordnance factories.

So, what’s missing? You. We need more of your input. Since it’s inception, SAR has been about the readers and their diverse interests in military firearms. We need you to tell us what you want to see more of. Don’t be afraid to hold back on telling us what you don’t like either (Not that this is usually a failing in the firearms community....).

We need to keep setting our course into the next phase of growth. It is our intention to keep the focus on machine guns. Readers have requested in-depth studies of locking mechanisms, triggers, firing pins, and recoiling mechanisms. We have plans on major series on disassembly and maintenance of different firearms. Before we embark on these studies, we want to hear more about what you, the reader, want from the magazine. Tell us what features you think are of the most interest to you.

SAR is here for those of us who get left out of the general media, including much of the firearms related press. In today’s world, we are politically incorrect by the nature of our common interests. That’s just fine with me. Let us know where you want to see SAR headed in the future. We are listening.

- Dan Shea

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V1N8 (May 1998)
and was posted online on June 9, 2017


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