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By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

APTUS Weapon System
DRD Tactical | www.drdtactical.com

DRD’s new APTUS weapon system in 5.56 Nato or 300BLK calibers is designed using their patented quick change barrel and internal recoil system on a direct gas-operated rifle.

With Magpul folding stock, the weapon can be fired with the stock folded unlike standard AR platforms. This allows the operator to quickly change the barrels to fit the mission. All lower parts and some BCG parts are M4 compatible. It can go from PDW to DMR in less than 1 minute.

SPYDERCO | www.spyderco.com

The all-new Cara Cara 2 Rescue features a high-visibility, orange-injected, molded FRN handle. For emergency cutting on a budget, this knife teams a Cara Cara 2 lightweight handle with a sheepfoot rescue blade.

Blade Steel: 8cr13mov stainless steel
Blade Grind: Hollow
Lock Type: Back lock mechanism
Handle Material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Carry: 4-position hourglass pocket clip

STRYKE-2 Compensator
556 Tactical, LLC | www.556tactical.com

556 Tactical STRYKE-2 Compensator is available in 5.56 and 7.62. This new muzzle device will dramatically reduce muzzle rise as well as felt recoil, allowing for faster target acquisition. Three upward ports ease the side felt concussion and increasing target-acquire speed. With their STRYKE Face design this can be used for breaking a window, stamping a zombie on the forehead or tenderizing your favorite meat for grilling!

Dagger II Silencer
GEMTECH | www.gemtech.com

The updated GEMTECH DAGGER II is an all Titanium suppressor designed for semi-auto 18-inch 300WM precision rifles. The DAGGER II is the everyman silencer; it can be used on all lesser calibers, and its extreme strength lends itself for use on 12-inch .308 SBRs. This suppressor is held to the exacting SOCOM standards and passes with flying colors. The new feature allows ease of mounting and even has a predrilled pin hole for permanent fixture to short barrels.

H&K 3-Lug
GEMTECH | www.gemtech.com

GEMTECH World Class Silencers is happy to announce a new product to increase the compatibility of their 45 ACP silencers. The new H&K 3-Lug mount screws directly into GEMTECH’s Blackside, GM-45 and LUNAR Silencers for quick mounting on the standard 3-Lug mounts—popular on MP5s and modern pistol caliber carbines.

Cold Steel Frenzy
COLD STEEL INC. | www.coldsteel.com

The new for 2017 Cold Steel Frenzy draws inspiration from ancient Japanese Kabutowari, with a noticeably thick spine, slender blade, needle-sharp piercing point and long flat cutting edge. The Frenzy was designed by award-winning custom knife maker Andrew Demko and weighs just less than 6 ounces, making it thin and flat enough to comfortably carry. Premium American CTS XHP-powdered steel was chosen for the Frenzy’s 5.5-inch blade, and the knife is available in three different dual-tone G10 handle options: blue/black, OD green/black or grey/black.

Renegade Plus SPR
POF-USA | www.pof-usa.com

The Renegade Plus series embodies everything a direct impingement AR-15 can be. The initial offerings quickly became popular among shooters who push the limits of the .223/5.56 NATO cartridge. This extended range application warranted a new addition to POF-USA’s Renegade line up. New for 2017, POF-USA releases the Renegade Plus SPR. It still boasts the upgraded features the Renegade Plus is known for, such as a nine-position adjustable gas block, roller cam pin, heat sink barrel nut and more, but with an 18.5-inch barrel and adjustable Luth-AR MBA stock. These upgrades go well above mere aesthetics often found in rifles today.

NAS3 9mm Luger Cases
Shell Shock Technologies, LLC

Shell Shock Technologies is an early stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry. Shell Shock is a component manufacturer supplying its lightweight NAS3 shell cases to the shooting sports market, as well as to U.S. and foreign ammunition manufacturers. Shell Shock’s NAS3 cases are 50% lighter than brass, give more consistent round-to-round performance and can be picked up with a magnet. 9mm Luger cases are immediately available (5.56mm cases available soon), with more calibers coming later in 2017. All Shell Shock’s cases are designed and manufactured in the U.S.

Spektre™ Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Holster

High Threat Concealment’s (HTC) new Spektre™ Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Holster is a no-compromise solution for those who want to comfortably conceal a fighting-sized handgun for their everyday carry. The Spektre™ provides maximum concealment and a comfortable custom-engineered fit for your weapon that can be worn strong-side IWB or in the appendix (AIWB) carry position. Each holster can be configured with one of three available attachment systems to better fit your preferred style of carry.

The Spektre™ is currently available for most popular semi-auto pistols. For most double-stack pistols, the Spektre™ will accommodate most popular pistol-mounted red dot optics. Shooters are also able to adjust the fitment and tension of the holster to suit their individual preference, using a custom tensioner that precisely adds or removes pressure from the holster’s capture feature. All holsters have an open bottom to enhance comfort and permit the use of after-market and threaded barrels.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V21N7 (September 2017)
and was posted online on July 21, 2017


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