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By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff


X-15 Drum Magazine–50-Round Capacity

Awesome has arrived just in time for the New Year! Proven, reliable, full auto capable; the X Products X-15 50-Round Drum magazine is perfect for AR-15 owners. Made primarily of aluminum, the X-15 is engineered to last a lifetime. That’s why X Products stands behind each one of their American-Made drum magazines with a lifetime warranty. SAR New Year SALE PRICE: $149.95–Use coupon code X15-SAR to SAVE $50, offer valid through 1/15/18. www.xproducts.com


REX Pistol TruGlo Tritium Night Sights

FIME Group, LLC, manufacturer, importer and exporter of the finest, high-quality firearms from around the world, is now offering TruGlo Tritium Night Sights for REX pistols. The REX Zero-1 Pistol TruGlo Tritium Night Sights use the brightest tritium available. Featuring CNC-machined steel construction, these night sights are high-quality to stand up to demanding situations. The front and rear dots glow green in low and night lighting and appear white in daytime lighting. The smooth, snag-resistant design fits standard holsters. www.fimegroup.com


M&P® M2.0™ Compact Series

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the addition of its new M&P M2.0 Compact pistol series to the recently released M&P M2.0 pistol family. Available in 9mm and .40 S&W, the M&P M2.0 Compact pistol series builds upon the popularity of the new M&P M2.0 platform in a versatile, carry-size configuration. The M&P M2.0 Compact pistol is purpose-built for both personal and professional use.

The M&P M2.0 Compact pistol series offers consumers a reliable, striker-fired pistol that delivers a compact carry advantage with the advanced M2.0 feature set, including an aggressively-textured grip, four interchangeable palmswell inserts and light, crisp M2.0 trigger with a tactile and audible reset. The pistol features a solid, molded polymer frame designed for comfort and durability, as well as the optimal M&P pistol 18-degree grip angle for a natural point of aim. Chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W with a 4” barrel, the M&P M2.0 Compact pistol comes standard with a white-dot front sight and a white two-dot rear sight and either a 15-round 9mm or a 13-round .40 S&W magazine. www.smith-wesson.com

Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG

1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC

With the 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC, Schmidt & Bender sets new standards and winning the Bundeswehr tender, Rüstsätze Patrouillenkon figuration G28, Anteil Optik“ (Military Equipment Patrol Configuration G28, Optics). The compact 2-in-1 system combines a red dot in the second focal plane with an illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. This combines the advantages of a reflex sight with those of a conventional riflescope, providing an ideal solution for from short to medium distances. www.schmidt-bender.de


Dillon Knob

Powder measure knob for the Dillon press Powder thrower with clicks for easy adjustment. Unlike other competitors, this knob is laser etched with 50 graduations giving the user reference points when adjusting. Two steel spring-loaded balls generate smooth and repeatable clicks. Easy to setup between multiple loads or even calibres, very precise 50 clicks per turn. Testing on pistol powders one click increments is about 0.015 grains. The Dillon Factory screw requires a wrench when adjusting the amount of powder to dispense in your powder thrower. This knob is labeled with graduations for orientation and easily allows the user to hand adjust the powder dispenser without the need for tools. Works on Dillon 1050, 650,550, SDB and 900 presses. www.365-plus.com


REX Tactical Pistol

The Rex Zero 1T (Tactical) pistol continues the excellence in production, quality and value that Arex of Slovenia has become known for since the introduction of the Rex Zero 1 to the US in 2016 with FIME Group, LLC, as the official importer. The Tactical model has more options than ever before in the Rex Zero series of pistols, including the new ROR (Rex Optics Ready) platform. Adding on to the proven quality and craftsmanship of the basic features, the Tactical model now offers the following enhancements to increase shooter experience and customization ability. www.fimegroup.com


M&P Shield® M2.0™ Pistol Series

Smith & Wesson Corp. launched a new M&P Shield M2.0 pistol series, including the M&P Shield M2.0 pistol with Integrated Crimson Trace® Laser. Available in 9mm and .40 S&W, the M&P Shield M2.0 pistol family builds upon the popular M&P M2.0 platform, delivering professional-grade features and proven performance in a slim, lightweight and easy-to-carry profile that incorporates the enhanced M2.0 feature set. www.smith-wesson.com


FC-7 and FC-5-B Survival Knives

Designed for heavy-duty use in real combat survival situations the Firecraft will also make an excellent heavy use defensive knife. Every part is 100% U.S. made.

A five-inch-long full length slab handle is made from heavy-duty green canvass Micarta with an orange liner. The handle is contoured to make heavy cutting or chopping easy. The deep index finger choil cut makes high pressure whittling or precision cutting easy. The grooves at the top of the blade (called jimping) are very course for additional cutting traction even with gloves or mittens on and also form a rasp like surface for making find sawdust for ease of fire starting.

Just in front of the finger guard area is a cutout for more efficient striking of a ferro rod fire starter, and one is included with each knife and is attached to the tough Kydex sheath—an optional ultra-heavy-duty leather sheath is available at extra cost.

The hand honed flat profiled stonewashed finish blade comes leather stropped razor sharp and is thick and deep for efficient cutting or chopping. One side of the knife handle features a polished stainless steel metal dish like cutout (divot) for use with a survival fire bow. www.whiteriverknives.com


“The Driven Hunt Experience”

Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in red dot sighting technology, released at the end of September, the web game “The Driven Hunt Experience,” which is available on Aimpoint’s websites. This game is now followed up by the introduction of an app with the same name, available for mobile phones. Earlier this year Aimpoint also released “The VR Experience” by Aimpoint designed to fully immerse the user in dynamic and realistic hunting scenarios.

The app version of “The Driven Hunt Experience” will be released on November 10, 2017. It will be available for downloading at Google Play and App Store. It includes the same hunting scenarios as the web game: wild boar hunting, deer hunting and duck hunting. Using your mobile to actively move around with a 360° view and experience the grand hunting environments adds an extra dimension to the experience. The games were created in cooperation with Divine Robot, www.divinerobot.com, a Swedish software development company. www.aimpoint.com


Ironside Armory BobCat Upper

The Ironside Armory BobCat Upper is chambered in 223 Wylde and has a 7.5-inch Parkerized barrel with a 3.5-inch extension to give it an integral suppressed look. Designed for close quarters engagement and smaller compartment storage, the Bobcat is ideally used with a pistol brace combination. The Bobcat comes with a 10-inch free float keymod rail and an ambi-charging handle. www.ironsidearmory.com

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