Windham’s Way... The Essence of the Way of the Gun Performance Carbine

By Oleg Volk

What would you expect from a rifle designed by Frank Proctor, a military veteran with an extensive Army Special Forces background followed by many years of providing training to military and civilian fighters? If you say reliability, accuracy and great balance, you’ve got the essence of Way of The Gun (WOTG) Performance Carbine produced by Windham Weaponry, which was designed to Frank’s specifications. Recently, I had an opportunity to test this rifle under somewhat unusual circumstances.

Back in 2012, my intellectual property attorney Glenn Bellamy (armorer-at-law.com) organized an Industry Range Weekend near Manchester, Middle Tennessee. Attended by such prominent gun makers as Surgeon Rifles and Faxon Firearms, the event combined live-fire range opportunities with socializing. For me, it resulted in several great friendships and numerous advertising projects. The improvised farm range set up for the event was overseen by Kenny and Tiffany Tweet, who came out to mingle with their four kids in tow. All of their kids like to shoot, so I got to watch their pre-teen son repeatedly tag 300-yard steel with a suppressed .338 Lapua Magnum bolt action. The oldest of their kids, Grace, was 12 at the time and ended up on camera with a variety of rifles and submachine guns in hand. Being photogenic, well-trained in shooting and martial arts thanks to Kenny being a jiu jitsu instructor, and very reliable, she has been modeling with weapons from then on. A quiet homeschooled kid, she was right at home on the firing line and soon appeared in numerous editorial articles and pro-RKBA posters. In addition, a number of firearms and accessory makers have featured her in their ads.

Over the past six years, Grace had only one personal firearm, a 20ga pump shotgun. With her 18th birthday coming up, I asked my industry partners how they felt about furthering the War on Women by oppressing one particular hapless female with an AR-15 of her own. Thanks to the strength of Grace’s portfolio of images, this was deemed a great idea by all, and so...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N8 (October 2018)
and was posted online on August 24, 2018


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