Swiss Engineered: A*B Arms MOD*X GEN III Rifle™ System Offers Flexibility and Ease

By Tom Murphy

A*B (American Built) Arms is a Type 07/NFA firearms manufacturer based in Glen Rock, PA, which builds both complete rifles and chassis systems for existing rifles. The company is a privately held, veteran-owned business that was formed in 2010 with the mission to become the preeminent fabricator of firearms and firearm parts for both the civilian and government markets. They offer top quality, precision-engineered, Swiss-machined internal components and polymer chassis parts for outside firearms manufacturers to install their own logos.

Chassis System

A*B Arms MOD*X GEN III is a chassis system engineered to accept various makes and models of existing rifle-barreled actions. The rifle used for this article is a Remington M700 AAC-SD in .308 Winchester. The chassis is primarily aluminum, anodized to MIL-SPEC Type III which is an electrochemical hard coating process that creates a controlled oxide film on the surface of aluminum. It is normally used in applications like firearms that require a corrosion-, abrasion- and wear-resistant coating. During the anodizing process a uniform aluminum oxide layer is formed on the metal’s surface. This penetrates the aluminum. The process involves submerging the parts in a cold (32-degree) sulfuric acid bath for anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

At 3 pounds, 2 ounces, the MOD X is quite light. Its lightweight, 11.5-inch, free-floating handguard features the KeyMod system on the top and sides. There are also conventional mounting slots on the two sides. It’s a modular foundation that allows various mission-specific accessories to be installed depending on the operator’s requirements. A 0 MOA scope rail is standard; a 20 MOA rail is optional.

The chassis comes standard with an A*B Arms fixed-adjustable Urban Sniper Stock and the A*B Arms SBR pistol grip. The grip is made from high fiber count nylon and is specifically designed to fit the operator’s hand. It has a battery compartment that will hold one CR123 or 2 AA batteries. Any MIL-SPEC, AR-type butt stock or pistol grip can be substituted.

The length of pull is adjustable from 10.62 inches to 15.69...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N10 (December 2018)
and was posted online on October 26, 2018


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