Book Reviews: The Complete Glock Reference Guide
By Jeff W. Zimba

The Complete Glock Reference Guide
An Independent Look at Glock Handguns

PTOOMA Productions
290 Pages
ASIN: B00077D7U6
Lone Wolf Distributors Inc.
P.O. Box 3549
Oldtown, ID 83822-3549

Reviewed by Jeff W. Zimba

Having been involved in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing aspects of the firearms industry for several years, I am almost embarrassed to admit I have never owned a Glock as a personal firearm. I have had many in inventory and have fired several but I have never purchased one for personal use. After reading The Complete Glock Reference Guide from PTOOMA Productions, I have officially been “converted” and have decided to purchase (at least) one.

The Complete Glock Reference Guide is a soft cover, 290 page 8-1/2x11 manual that covers everything to do with Glock firearms. There are answers to Glock questions in this book that the writer did not even know existed. The Complete Glock Reference Guide is divided into 14 easy to read chapters covering everything from the manufacturing process of Glock firearms to field stripping, cleaning, diagnostics and even the much misunderstood safety devices. A detailed look at the history and background of the Glock family of firearms is also documented.

An appendix is included covering the technical specifications of all the Glock model firearms and another appendix also lists the serial number ranges along with their importation dates. With over 450 images and illustrations, no stone is left unturned in this book.

The author’s favorite chapter is Chapter 14 - The Ultimate Glock Torture Test. In this chapter, a .40 Cal Glock 23 pistol was put through more abuse than any single pistol could ever come close to receiving in real life situations. As I read one page after another I am sure I physically shook my head in disbelief while trying to imagine the punishment this gun received. I don’t want to take all the fun out of this chapter for the readers, but I will tell you it included such abuse as being submersed in caustic soda, dragged behind a truck, shot by a rifle, and even fired from a black powder cannon! I am not going to give you the final outcome or results of these tests but I will tell you I have had the chance to handle the test gun and you can see it yourself if you ever run into the crew from Lone Wolf Distributors, Inc. at one of the trade shows such as SHOT SHOW or the NRA Convention.

As previously mentioned, reading this book convinced the author to purchase a Glock where it had not even been an interest in the past. I never had imagined there was so much to learn about these firearms or there was so much information I was even interested in learning. I am quite certain that to any Glock enthusiast, this book may very well become their new product Bible. I recommend it highly. And, just in case you were wondering, the Glock model I will be purchasing will be the Model 18.