Press Release: A New Age for Tactical Vests

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

For Immediate Release

MVP (Modular Vest Panel) System: A New Age for Tactical Vests

Over two years in the making, Elite Survival Systems’ Modular Vest Panel System, or MVP, is ready for the market. MVP is a line of tactical vests which are made up of a series of interchangeable pieces, or panels, affording the user more options and greater customization. Each component of the system is constructed of 1000 denier nylon, heavy-duty zippers and hardware, and nylon mesh. All front panels have a non-slip shooting and Velcro attach area. MVP balances the need for modularity, a crucial element in world of tactical vests, with the functional stability and reduced cost of a fixed-panel system. A variety of panels are now available - such as the cross-draw holster panel with a completely adjustable holster system, the ammo panel with pouches for rifle and pistol magazines, and MOLLE panels which can be used in conjunction with the other panels for even greater versatility. MVP also addresses a user’s need to modify a vest as requirements change rather than replacing the entire vest. If an existing panel no longer suits the needs of the operator, that panel can be easily replaced with one that does. The system has excellent flexibility in other ways as well, fitting users in the small to 2X size categories by adjusting at the shoulders and waist. With the ability to size and completely customize the tactical platform like never before, the MVP System may be the last stop on the vest shopping list.

Elite Survival Systems is your source for premium nylon holsters, gear, and accessories. To see their complete product lines, visit them online at or call toll-free 866-340-2778 for a free catalog.

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